Saturday, October 11, 2014

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, every day Stewart makes a big show of acting as the tough dominant man in the office. But now he's on all fours with his virgin asshole on show. The men take turns holding his legs while the other aggressively fingers his hole loosening up his tight sphincter and stimulating this hard man's prostate. He's never felt a sensation like this before especially not right in the middle of the office!

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At TheCastingRoom hetero Justin is young, hot and he knows it. He’s never been filmed naked before, but he has friends in the industry who have encouraged him to appear in adult videos and gay friends who have offered him money for sex. But this horny tattooed boy wants to make videos on his own terms. He has kinky desires he’s eager to enact and has a hard time finding partners to play these out with. We’re happy to oblige as it’s horny watching this sexy stud strip down totally naked baring his cock and arse to the camera for the first time.

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New sadistic master Stewart at BrutalTops enters to find submissive worm elliott squirming on the floor. The master is dressed in sports wear and is sweaty and smelly. He quickly pushes the sub's head down and orders him to lick clean his filthy sports shoes. Then he grabs a belt which he proceeds to thrash the sub with. Then Stewart gobs into the sub's mouth before he strips off his clothes and pushes his smelly foot into the mouth of the unhappy, defeated sub. The sub's licking doesn't satisfy the top who shouts at him and demands that he does a better job.

After some more tongue action, the Top produces a dildo which is soon rammed into the sub's mouth before he is ordered to sit on it. When it's pushed right up his arsehole, the Master pisses in elliott's mouth before making him suck his dick. At the end of this long session the exhausted sub has to lick up all the crap which has fallen onto the already filthy floor. The Master looks on with sadistic pleasure at this ultimate degradation.

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