Sunday, October 19, 2014

Here he is! TheCastingRoom’s 1000th audition and he’s our favourite kind of bolshie straight stud. We wish we could say it’s been hard work getting so many eager heteros to bare cock and arse on command. But it’s surprisingly easy getting them naked when they can smell a bit of dosh and an absolute pleasure recording these men in their sexual prime. You might think we’ve had our fill after recording hundreds of lads in the buff but it’s only made us hungry for more!
Vlad is a tough young construction worker. As a guy new to work he’s only just realized how hard you have to work dragging around bricks and pounding concrete with a jackhammer. The prospect of getting paid for fucking is much more appealing. Vlad is tested here to see if he can hold his nerve stripping naked for a total stranger and revealing every part of his body including sliding back his foreskin to show off his cock head and pulling his smooth arse cheeks apart to reveal his puckered arsehole. The boy finds it an educational experience.

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At BrutalTops, vicious sadist Master Stewart continues his harsh treatment of his pathetic sub elliott. He appears wearing sports gear and wields a belt with which he cruelly thrashes the ass of the naked sub. Soon the worm's ass cheeks are red raw and he squirms from the powerful, painful blows which rain down on him.

The top then pulls off his clothes to reveal a muscular body and the crawling sub has to lick the Master's stinking feet and suck his hard dick. When elliott doesn't totally satisfy his Master he receives more painful blows and the sneering top finally spreads open his ass cheeks and orders the sub to push his tongue deep into his hole. The sub groans quietly as he licks clean the filth which he finds between the top's buttocks.

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Hetero Tom is a petulant little prick. He’s spent his life doing nothing but kicking around a football with his mates and trying to score with women at the clubs on weekends. Work to him is hanging around the construction site sipping coffee, wolf-whistling to passing tail and getting paid for sitting on his arse. If he can’t act like a proper hetero adult who sucks cock on command he needs to be de-humanized at BreederFuckers. Tom’s arms and legs are roped so he must painfully crawl on all fours. Now that he’s been turned into a dog he must act like one. He’s given a good hard whacking every time he disobeys his new owner. Dave parades his new pet around the room showing him off and making him fetch a toy. A butt plug is inserted up his tight arse. The pointed ends of his knees and elbows burn painfully from crawling on them so extensively. Every time he jumps or raises himself up to return the toy his butt plug pops out earning him another beating. A doggie’s favourite treat is a bone so his owner gives him one to chow down on. Tom wraps his lips around Dave’s erection bobbing his head up and down. Meanwhile Dave plays with his arsehole taunting him about how Tom is just moistening his cock in preparation to give him a fucking. Once he’s made his dick achingly stiff Dave shoves Tom over to pound his hole which has been widened by the plug. Tom groans with his arse pounded raw and his body bent over in shame. Driven to a frenzy by screwing this hetero’s tight arse, Dave ejaculates directly into his mouth. Tom curls on the floor trembling with cum dripping out of his mouth, his elbows worn to the bone and fearful of making a move without the consent of his owner.

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