Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Falcon Studios – Colt Rivers & Nikko Russo

You’d think Easy Inn would be a great place to relax, but it’s difficult to rest when there are so many hot guys to fuck. Colt Rivers is chilling out on the couch with his e-book when Nikko Russo strolls by. Their attraction is instantaneous, magnetic: lips touch, tanks tear off, and Nikko’s hefty dick slaps across Colt’s face for sucking. As he services Nikko’s fat cock, Colt undulates his hips, which gets Nikko even more excited. He slaps Colt’s ass, spits in the crack, and dives in tongue-first. When Nikko is ready to fuck, he pulls Colt’s ass closer to mount it doggy style. Colt’s moans fill the room, mixing with the slaps of their muscled bodies colliding. Nikko’s shoulders bulge and his abs ripple as he pounds Colt into orgasm. Cum flies in all directions, Colt eats every drop he can scoop up, and Nikko delivers his load right into Colt’s mouth.

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Bound Jocks – Nate Karlton

Bound muscle jock Nate Karlton is bound with his hands behind his back in a pair of tight black shorts. He flops around until his big hard cock falls out the bottom of his shorts. His hairy muscle pecs are perfectly framed by the rope. Next his shorts are removed and his ankles are tethered to his balls. As he struggles to get free he has to be careful not to yank his balls off. Nate finally manages to get his hands free and slowly uses them to stroke out a nice thick load.

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Hot House – Jimmy Durano & Ivan Gregory

Everyone knows bigger is better, and we like our toys big too! It takes a real nasty fuck stud to use a big latex dick on another guy, so obviously Jimmy Durano is an expert. Ivan Gregory is the horny bottom who can’t get enough of that big rubber cock stretching out his hole. He likes stretching his mouth around Jimmy’s huge, uncut tool too! These two muscled sex pros will blow your mind with their extreme, two position fuckfest! Director Christian Owen captures every nasty detail, so don’t miss your chance to watch two of the hottest exhibitionists showing off for you!

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