Sunday, November 16, 2014

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, office boy Paul is terrified when the two women threaten to call the police when stationary goes missing. The slightest sign of trouble and he will be in trouble with his parole officer so the helpless lad realises he is at their mercy. Mary is convinced he's hiding something internally having seen a programme about it on TV. He’s bent over naked so the women can do a cavity search inserting their fingers up his tight virgin anus.

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In the new video at CFNMTV, when the boys arrived at school this morning, Logan, Vincent, Aiden and Martin were full of boyish excitement - looking forward to a day of messing around in class and discussing girls during breaks. But their day takes a turn for the worse when the terrifying new teacher Miss Marchmont mistakes them for life models and drags them into her classroom, strips them down and the girls examine and fondle their genitals. Naturally the boys are raging with hormones and can’t stop themselves from growing enormous erections!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At once Dave's taken it past a certain point there is no going back or Rob'll have humiliated himself for nothing. The new office boy is shocked as Dave familiarizes himself with Rob's easily-excitable cock and large pendulous balls. Being sat in his stuffy suit all morning and afternoon, Rob's gooch smells of masculine sweat. Dave inhales his fragrance while Rob's face twists up in disgust at being sexually used.

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Next Door World – Buddies Audition: Pierce Hartman

Host Markie More has got his hands full this time, as Pierce Hartman is on the casting couch ready to give Markie all he can handle. A tall drink of water, Pierce warms up in the gym doing some curls as Markie walks in unannounced, and after some quick pleasantries, Markie shows off Pierce’s wares, stripping him clean and rubbing his hands up and down Pierce’s body, peeling off his shorts and sitting him on a bench in the locker room, downing his cock as Pierce pushes Markie’s head deeper down onto his cock. Showing that he’s just as giving as he is DTF, Pierce flips the tables on Markie, laying him out and gagging on his hard dick, until Markie is ready to see Pierce’s stroke. Pierce enters Markie from behind, pummeling his ass with vigor, before switching up and riding Markie reverse as Markie smacks his ass and grabs his shoulders. The guys flip one more time as Pierce lays Markie out and then fucks the cum right out of him, following suit by drenching Markie with a well earned load all over his chest, prompting Markie to angle for Pierce’s return, but all of that is ultimately up to you. Vote now! Vote often!Enjoy!

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