Monday, December 1, 2014

Maskurbate – Jayden

I first saw a picture of Jayden on and asked the owner of the club if I could get in touch with his new Ladies night stripper. His body was spectacular and I simply had to have him on Maskurbate. Unfortunately, the owner didn’t know either who this guy was, being away on vacation. When I finally found him while browsing though my friends’ hottest guys, I immediately wrote to him. Jayden liked the website a lot and even agreed to do a scene without the mask. He told me he had a 7.5 inch cock, which was fine with me, but as we were shooting, it grew bigger and bigger… Ended up that our tattooed friend’s dick was over 8.5′! Great suprise! Since he has a great butt, I made him fuck the Fleshlight Cube. He liked it so much that he came while fucking, which I wasn’t pleased about at first. But when he opened it and started pouring his jizz all over the cube, I was in awe. Another classic moment just happened before my eyes…

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Men of Montreal – Matt Cormier’s First Solo

Matt Cormier was referred to us by a friend of his, Justyn Tease, a solo performer who worked with us at the very beginning of Men of Montreal, if you recall. Matt was nervous before his shoot, but he was by no means hesitating to deliver. This 5’9′ jock has an intense workout schedule as he weighs in at 190 lbs. With a wide back, nice pecs, he shows off a pretty nice bubble butt.

Matt is a military service man on leave who served abroad last year. Now that he’s on leave, he has taken on a job as a waiter in one of the city’s night clubs and he has grown a beard.Once we got through the photo shoot, Matt was starting to relax comfortably. He describes himself as a straight guy who’s never done anything with a guy, but doesn’t appear closed to the idea of exploring man-on-man sex. This seems to appeal to the deep down exhibitionist streak that he harbors.

It’s always useful to break the ice with a photo shoot, as a newcomer’s stress level usually diminishes considerably. By the time they get to the video their comfort zone has grown markedly. And, Matt was no exception. His bone hard dick was showing no sign of relenting once he got into his zone.

Matt enjoyed playing with himself in front of the camera and had no hang ups about toying with his butt hole either. When it came time to deliver his cum shot, Matt didn’t lack any intensity; even though the volume of jizz unloaded didn’t match his intensity. But, again, who hasn’t had an intense orgasm without delivering tons of baby batter.

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Male Reality – John Hill & Clay Osborn

The new frat member finds out that the initiation process is a lot more fun than he expected.

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Next Door Twink – Ashton Miller

Here’s a very special Twink treat who will make your cock swell. He’s Ashton Miller and he’s eager to introduce himself. Listen to a little about him, including what makes him horny, then join him in the locker room for some naughty fun. Ashton is letting you peek in on him, just after a fun, afternoon game of baseball with some friends. He’s glad you showed up, as he’s quite an exhibitionist. When he knows you’re enjoying looking at his tight, firm ass and his excited dick, Ashton gets very turned on. He’s starting by pulling down his baseball pants to reveal his plump, supple bottom. Watch him stretch his cheeks apart to let you see his tender hole. Then, he’s laying down on the locker room bench to tug his stiff meat. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild while enjoying this hot boy with an exotic look. Enjoy!

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Next Door Male – Gill Rohr

Gill Rohr is a mild-mannered guy with soft blue eyes and an athlete’s pedigree. A world record holding swimmer, Gill shows off his skills in the pool doing a few reps before pulling himself out of the water and toweling off, drying his water-sculpted muscles and peeling out of his tiny swimsuit. Relaxing on a bench underneath the veranda, Gill spreads his legs wide as he strokes his cock, playing with his balls and cocking a leg up for more leverage, before launhing his load all over his washboard stomach in the afternoon light.Enjoy!

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Cock Virgins – Shared Pleasures

Alan and Benn are in their dorm rooms working on some daily homework when the door knocks. A package has arrived for Alan but he was hoping it would come after Benn left so he sets the package down on the desk. Benn is very curious about it and tells Alan to open it up because why not if you have been waiting for it. Alan gives into it and finally opens the package up to reveal a Fleshjack which neither one has ever used before. They read the instructions and quickly figure it out. They began to test the mouth of it out sticking their fingers deep inside it and then before long they are both naked and Benn is testing it out on Alan first. Alan hard as a rock loves the feel of it as it slides up and down his rigid shaft. Benn gets in on the action as well but then shortly after they stick both their cocks in it for some DP action. It almost sends Alan over the edge feeling Benn’s cock slide against his. They both fuck the Fleshjack until they let loose some creamy loads all over each other.Enjoy!

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Raging Stallion – Abraham Al Malek & Bruno Boni

Bruno Boni is a hustler, and he owes a cut of his earnings to his pimp, Abraham Al Malek. Cash trades hands, and hands move to cocks. They kiss, slowly at first, then with greater and greater intensity. Both men are sun-bronzed, furry and bearded with broad shoulders and deep chests. They reveal their massive erections, and Bruno leans over to inhale Abraham’s engorged cock. Abraham returns the favor, applying a thorough cock sucking as Bruno thrusts his kips and plays with his pierced nipples. Turning Bruno around, Abraham helps himself to a taste of Bruno’s ass. With Bruno’s hole all slicked up, Abraham thrusts his cock in as Bruno grips a railing for support. They move to the sofa, and Bruno rides Abraham’s cock with vigor as sweat covers their bodies. Each man unloads huge ropes of cum in the other’s mouth.

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Men of Montreal – Taking The Big One

When we asked Alexy Tyler if he was up taking Mam Steel’s monster cock, Alexy just looked at us and winked. He was rather looking forward to take it and this comes through loud and clear throughout the scene.

Mam was in top shape and his killer dick was ready to tackle veteran porn star Alexy. Mam is becoming a well versed and comfortable performer and when he is on set he is totally into it.

With Alexy, you always wonder if his intense reactions express acute pain or heightened pleasure. It usually is the latter. And, in this shoot, he was again having a grand old time taking on our inked bad boy top man.

Shooting with them was a breeze and for the most part, we just let them go at it with minimal interruptions…

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Men Over 30 – Wake Up Call

It’s been a long night but Andrew has woken up first and has a video camera in hand ready to film the disaster that was made the following night with Emanuelk. Andrew begins to film and walk over to Emanuelk who is still passed out and shoves the camera right into his face calling for him to wake up. Andrew wants to make a morning fuck video and so he unzips his pants and lets Emanuelk go to town on his long cock. He flips the viewfinder over so Emanuelk can see himself enjoying the cock in his mouth. Andrew’s realizing that he’s not that bad of a filmer and likes to watch himself on the camera as well. The camera is set down only once as they begin to fuck but Andrew grabs it real quick and lets the recording roll all the way till they both cum for their home video. Enjoy!

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Falcon Studios – Connor Maguire & Mike Gaite

Toweling off after a bracing outdoor shower, Connor Maguire tests his luck by walking to his tent with the towel over his shoulder rather than wrapped around his waist. He catches the eye of Mike Gaite, and they exchange a smile that makes Connor’s big cock throb. Connor welcomes Mike in with a kiss and his hard dick. Mike strips and they lay with their bodies pressed together from lips to toes. A blow job gets Mike’s nose buried in Connor’s fiery red bush. A quick swivel gives Connor access to Mike’s ass. From there, Mike only has to move a few inches to lodge Connor’s cock deep in his ass. Connor works up a sweat that will require another shower as he and Mike blow their loads. Mike is eager to swallow the thick, white cum.

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