Monday, December 22, 2014

Male Reality – Johny Lucas & Chris Young

A hard day at the office for the boss means a harder day at the office for his young assistant.

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Next Door Twink – Lance

Here’s a laid back guy who loves sex and craves the feeling of hungry eyes watching him. Take a moment to meet Lance, then join him in the bedroom, where he’s loosening up and shedding all his clothes. Lance has a very fit body, on which he prides himself, and enjoys feeling the delicate curves and ripples of his muscles. As his cock grows harder, Lance jerks his meat increasingly more quickly. He enjoys a dirty magazine, which makes his nice dick thicken up and become loaded for eruption. Make friends with this sexy boy who can’t wait to climax with you. Enjoy!

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Next Door Male – Ken Riley

Ken Riley is a tanned, cocky Florida guy brimming with confidence and a sexy smile. Originally from Tampa, this lax playing bro is comfortable out on the field or in front of the camera, where he undresses for you, reclining in a chaise lounge and slowly working himself into the mood. His blue eyes reflected in the hall way lights, he steals a sultry gaze into the camera before getting down to the nitty gritty, flogging his cock as it stands at full attention, before launching his load all over his own chest as the golden light of day recedes into night.Enjoy!

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Falcon Studios – Colt Rivers & Luke Adams

Getting caught with your hard on in your fist makes it awkward to say no when a hot guy offers to join in. That’s no problem for Colt Rivers, who’s caught full-handed in the woods by Luke Adams. Colt lets Luke take over his cock and uses his freed-up hands to strip. The sounds of cock sucking rise. Luke delivers a robust face-fucking that makes Colt choke. Then full-speed ahead as the two hard-muscled guys drop to the ground: tongues burrow into asses and cocks probe into mouths. Colt’s hips flex and he cries out, driving his cock deep into Luke’s throat in the throes of orgasm. What Luke doesn’t swallow he permits to roll over Colt’s shaft and balls. His own cock primed to shoot, Luke grabs Colt’s head and unloads an explosion of cum on Colt’s face.

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Cock Virgins – Post Game Predicament

The game has been won and now it’s time to figure out what to do for the rest of the night. While the boys are talking trying to decide what to do next Duane tells Blake that he really just wants to go home and rub one out. Blake embarrassed by what Duane wants to do can’t believe he just said it out loud. It’s no big deal to Duane and he starts to tug on his cock through his shorts while Blake sits back watching awkwardly. Blake is not sure what to do at this point and Duane walks right up to him and pulls his cock out and wants Blake to suck it. Blake is apprehensive at first but Duane talks him into it and before you know it they both are sucking and fucking. Blake is a passionate bottom and he takes all of Duane deep inside him until he blows a nice creamy load all over himself. Enjoy!

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Active Duty – Cruz, Jaxon & Niko

Niko and Cruz are in their singlet’s after an apparent wrestling match and their about to hit the locker room shower. They give each other some handslappin’ and congratulatory hugs but the ‘bromance’ quickly turns to kissng and ass-slapping. Soon enough Jaxon the ‘towel boy’ comes in wearing his red, white and blue jockstrap and Niko and Cruz waste no time at all getting in some feels as they bring Jaxon between them and rub his body all over, playing with his ass. They pull their cocks out and teach him how to kiss a cock properly and Cruz quickly notices that the towel boy is sporting some major wood himself.They question how bad Jaxon wants to be ‘part of the team’ and Jaxon makes it more than apparent that he’s eager. By the time this fantasy comes to a close they’ve all had their asses fucked good and their fantasies satisfied. And they agree that this will become a regular occurrence—‘same time every week’ as the fantasy closes out with a three way kiss. Lips locked tight like two wrestlers on the mat!

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