Saturday, January 3, 2015

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At Rob is finding it a very uncomfortable experience to be on the receiving end of intimidation. Stripped naked in the locker room his athletic body is explored by the two women who blackmail him into being their willing slave. They order this bad boy to bend over so they can spank and stimulate his virgin ass.

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In the new video at CFNMTV, Michael's encounter with the women of BORDER SQUAD is not going well. His attempts to diffuse the situation have simply increase the women's determination to examine him thoroughly. Now he's stood stark naked right out in the open. It's a humbling experience for the embarrassed young lad. And to make matters worse, the woman in charge is now demanding he bend over so she can search his anus!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, in order to avoid Charlie continuing with his reckless and relentless self pleasuring, it's necessary for the doctor and his uncle to take control of his youthful body. Stark naked Charlie is ordered to kneel on the table for his asshole to be examined and penetrated. At the same time his schoolmate Lucas stands by giggling to himself at his friend's utter humiliation as his anal virginity is taken. Everyone at school is going to hear about this tomorrow!

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At TheCastingRoom, here are two fresh heteros put together for their first gay sex shoot! Big hard-bodied Nicolae is the strong silent type while excitable Darren sees this new venture as a form of mucking about while getting paid. We don’t want these straight guys to passively follow orders. They must first write their own scene by brainstorming what action is going to be filmed. This means they have to construct their own fate as they aren’t doing anything that hasn’t come out of their own imaginations. These sexy boys start out kissing and tentatively undress each other. They grab a handful of each others’ arses and then stroke each others’ cocks. Nicolae goes at it with a professional attitude and gets hard himself almost instantly. Nervous Darren looks like he can’t believe he’s doing this and naturally falls into a submissive role sucking Nicolae’s erection.

Darren is given a thorough lesson in dick sucking while Nicolae is instructed in how to rim a man’s hairy arsehole. Darren squirms on the table as he finds the sensation of having his arse lapped ticklish. But when Nicolae slides his finger up his arse to loosen him he stops smiling. Once he thinks he can take it, Nicolae shoves his big hard cock up this virgin straight boy’s arse and pounds away. His big full balls slam against Darren’s hairy arse cheeks. Nicolae hasn’t cum in days and has a full load read to spray over Darren’s blushing face. The look on Darren’s face as he feels himself hardening while getting his dick sucked by another man for the first time is priceless! We test out his arse licking skills. Darren goes at Nicolae’s tight sphincter like an eager little pup. Nicolae’s arse is ready to receive Darren who slides into him to experience the sensation of a man’s muscular arse tightening around his cock. Darren is only to happy to get his own unleashing a load of sperm onto Nicolae’s hard masculine face.

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