Friday, March 6, 2015

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, poor Bartholomew is too intimidated by the stern doctor and Mrs Phelps to say anything - even though he desperately wants them to leave him alone. It was bad enough when they were just discussing his penis verbally, but now he's stripped bare and they are standing there staring at it! It feels so unfair and his shame has brought him to tears.

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The women of Barkwith Manor conspire against rich boy and sexy heir Cameron in the new video at CFNMTV. They find him passed out and take advantage of him by stripping him buck naked to take advantage of his cock and fine

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

In the new video at, Jamie believes his face alone is worth a thousand pounds an hour and doesn't even want to remove a stitch of clothing. When Adrian inhales the scent of this masculine stud he knows there is no way he can let him go without getting a taste and feel of his hard physique and forbidden asshole. Plus this muscle boy needs to learn a thing or two about humility.

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Scott has gone on to star in several man on man porn films, but before a cock ever touched his lips he arrived for an audition video at TheCastingRoom. He is a buff straight lad who spends his whole life partying and working out at the gym. He’s at the prime of his life being physically fit and relentlessly horny. But since it’s all play and no work he’s discovered that he’s almost always short of cash. Before this video he had never been naked on camera before but he’s willing to pose in any position here to show off his virgin ass.

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Snarling schoolboy Master Charlie at BrutalTops returns to complete his humiliating treatment of submissive worm elliott. This time the dangerous top can't be bothered to remove his clothes but instead treads all over the worm and treats him like the worthless shit he is.

Treading painfully on the sub's dick causes considerable pain to the sub and this is followed by a mean thrashing from the belt-wielding top. Becoming more and more frenzied, the top kicks the sub directly in his balls and seems to cause considerable damage to the defeated rat.

He then lies on his back so that the top can trample on him, causing more and more damage to his pasty, white body. All the time the psychotic top sneers and laughs at the crawling scum below him.

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