Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6

EricDeman has a new horny cam video of a sexy cute dude showing off his big hard on. He has hairy thighs, a big luscious nut sack and an insatiable stiff dick.

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Dressed in his uniform at BreederFuckers you can imagine this straight boy being the bully of the school. When he’s around older superiors he’s nothing but polite “Yes sir… no sir” but his true nature is a homophobic bastard that likes to dominate and mock those he feels are beneath him. Now the tables are turned and he’s trussed up with his legs in the air and his arse pointed invitingly up. Faced with the men intent on dominating Charlie his real attitude emerges as a venomous bad-mouthed cunt. He’s taught proper respect by a man who gobs directly in his face. Ingeniously cruel discipline is administered as his arse and balls are flogged in between wickedly cruel tickling to the sensitive soles of his feet. His bottoms are ripped away to reveal the hairy bare thighs, clenched sphincter and tight balls of this boy. It gets our cocks hard seeing his genitals so exposed while his tie and neatly ironed shirt gets crumpled up. Charlie moans pathetically as his arse is beaten till it glows pink and his arsehole is fingered. His hairy bottom has the most inviting school locker room stink which becomes even more intense the more his bottom is fingerfucked. The boy’s pride and joy is taken in hand as sharp electro shocks are delivered to his shaft and the pink head of his cock which glistens with a drop of wetness. His arsehole is stretched open with a vibrator inserted deep inside him. He’s ordered to hold it inside or he’ll get a real cock up his bum. Charlie struggles desperately to clench his arse but it’s so tight it pops out. He’s sealed his own fate! The hetero bastard is given a merciless arse-splitting fucking that he’ll never forget! The boy is left weeping with sperm dripping down his sore bumhole.

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At BrutalTops, psychotic new Master Joseph returns to continue humiliating pathetic faggot elliott. The runt is ordered to lick the top's stinking armpits clean before the snarling, straight Master has his cock licked and cleaned by the sub. Then the Master turns around and orders the sub to push his nose and tongue deep up his stinking arse crack and lick clean the filth that he finds up there. Defenceless elliott cannot do anything but comply with this demand. Joseph then bends over and we get to see his filthy arsehole which elliott has no choice but to lick clean. Sitting on the sub, the Master pumps his arse into elliott's face and then turns around to ram his hard dick deep into his mouth. This makes the faggot ream and puke comes out of his mouth mixed with a ton of gob.

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New at TheCastingRoom, this 22 year old guy is one randy fucker. He’s quite literally up for anything. At the slightest provocation his dick spring up hard and ready for action. Although he prefers fucking he’s got a big luscious arse which is too tempting not to screw. It’s all very well for Miles to say he can do the action, but we need to test if he can actually man up for the occasion by trying him out in this second audition. He gets on his knees for a lesson in how to suck cock for the camera. Miles has a charming nervous smile as he’s walked through all the action including rubbing his beard against a man’s erection. It’s hot watching Miles get into it proving he can be both a dominant fucker ordering a man to rim his arse and a filthy slut rubbing his arsehole and begging to be fucked. With Miles’ dirty mind and willing attitude this boy has the potential to be a big star.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)
Within the hour a crucial match will begin. There is no time for modesty at While the physio begins work preparing Miles, captain Jack and Manager Swallows enter the locker room to go over points of play. Miles stands between everyone extremely conscious that he's stark naked. It's a big job applying the liniment to his muscles and there is no time to waste. Everyone pitches in to prepare Miles for the game getting their hands over every part of his naked body.

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In the new video at CFNMTV, the women are paying special close attention to champion diver’s Alex's penis and testicles - causing the hunky athlete to become very distracted indeed. He must try and contain himself or risk the officials' wrath. And it's going to take every bit of his willpower not to respond to their delicate touches.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)
At, without a stitch of clothing to cover his modesty, gagged and made to crawl around on all fours on the filthy office floor, PC Roger is a ruined man. Lucinda and Emma have been having a huge amount of fun at his expense using his naked body. Then in walks their superior who uses his ass and makes the naked stud perform.

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Marco Reed & Rusty Taylor Marco and Rusty are training in Muay Thai which is by far one of the toughest sports. Their constant close contact during training has got them so horny that they can hardly wait to pull down each other's shorts and start sucking on each other's cocks. Their toned torsos are tanned and tight as they rub their cocks together. Marco then starts to fuck Rusty with his bare cock - pulling his cheeks apart and pounding his hole like he would the punching bag. Rusty moans in pleasure - his well defined abs making his fucking a true joy to behold.

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Hollaback Recruit : Part 7 Zack and KC have primed their dicks up poolside, and then KC sticks his massive cock into Zack's waiting hole. They skillfully pound from one position to the next, until they are both wet with their own seed.

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Behind "Lights On " Flex Xtremmo & Lucio Saints

Behind "Lights On " Flex Xtremmo & Lucio Saints from Lucio Saints Channel on Vimeo.

Nudist Fun

Nudist Fun from Romualdo Zapato on Vimeo.

Philips Fashion Week FW2012/13

Philips Fashion Week FW2012/13 from Ljubljanski teden mode on Vimeo.

Philips Fashion Week Ljubljana / Fall-winter 2012-13 / Image video Videographers: Mimi Antolović, Den Baruca, Uroš Vovk Editing: Den Baruca Model: Samuel Paljk Make up: Romina Regvat Aldo Vandini - Meine Schönzeit - Nackter Mann

Aldo Vandini - Meine Schönzeit - Nackter Mann from BloodActvertising on Vimeo.

Der Viral Spot zur "Meine Schönzeit" Kampagne. Cabourg Boxer

PQ14214 Cabourg Boxer from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

Men Over 30 – Freshly Ground Billy woke up early and headed out to grab coffee for him and his BF who is sound asleep. When Billy gets back home he has to put the coffee right under Seth’s nose to wake him up. Seth is happy to see him and his warm coffee but after a few sips the morning wood kicks in and some intimate sex starts the day off. Billy and Seth have a strong connection that goes deep and passionate. They kiss like it could be their last and they take in the enjoyment of pleasing each other to the fullest extent. These two sexy firm studs know how to start the day off right so pay close attention and try it out for yourself one day. Enjoy!

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Next Door World – Guess Who’s Cumming? Colt Rivers loves having a big sister. Beyond the family bond and the close knit relationship, there are other fringe benefits as well. Chiefly, Colt makes it a habit to try and scam all of her hunky boyfriends, so when she calls and tells him she’s running late to meet her latest beau, Jeremiah Dean, Colt’s eyebrows perk up and he begins to contemplate a strategy. If everything goes right, Colt plans on testing out Jeremiah’s wares before sis and family even get home for dinner. This is, of course, something he’s done before, so when Jeremiah knocks on the door, Colt already has the wheels in motion, but he’s thrown for a loop when he answers the door. Jeremiah is a little different from most of his sister’s boyfriends, but that doesn’t dissuade Colt. Quite the opposite. He takes one look at Jeremiah’s long, lean build, and immediately begins fantasizing about his cock. Jeremiah, to his credit, is eager to endear himself to his girlfriend’s family, so when Colt challenges his prowess, he obliges and shows Colt what he’s working with.Now having seen the goods, Colt is more determined than ever to test them out, so he drops to his knees and begins working on Jeremiah’s hard-on. Jeremiah instantly realizes that Colt is more of a go-getter than his sister, deep throating his cock without hesitation. Ready to keep it in the family, Jeremiah bends Colt over the kitchen table and fills him 8′ of hard cock, as Colt closes his eyes and enjoys every pounding inch. Jeremiah thrusts away as Colt holds on for dear life, before switching up and mounting Jeremiah, grinding on his cock as his Colt’s ass slaps against Jeremiah’s chest, before Jeremiah flips Colt over onto his back, pounding away at him missionary as Colt loses his load all over himself, then falls to his knees where Jeremiah unloads his batch down Colt’s waiting throat, just as his sister’s car can be seen in the distance, coming up the hill for dinner.Enjoy!

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Raging Stallion – Boomer Banks & Dario Beck Dario Beck’s glistening foreskin slides back and forth while he face-fucks Boomer Banks. Boomer teases Dario’s extra flesh by pinching it in his moist lips and sliding his wet tongue under it. When Boomer swallows, Dario’s entire cock virtually disappears in Boomer’s greedy throat. But Boomer has his sights set on more than just Dario’s cock and foreskin, and Dario’s perfectly tight ass and hairy crack evoke Boomer’s lustful desires. Boomer explores Dario’s yearning hole with his tongue and finger while Dario sucks and strokes Boomer’s monster cock so it reaches max hardness. With raging hormones, soon Boomer is in a passionate, full-bore rhythm while plowing Dario’s hot ass full throttle. They fuck in multiple positions, but Dario’s moans are loudest when he assumes a shoulder stand while being drilled vertically from above. Jacking off while being boned, Dario lets go of his cock, flinging jets of cum in all directions. Boomer follows, jacking out a ferocious load onto his inked belly.

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Magic Brief

Magic Brief PQ14211 from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

Clion Thong

PQ14219 Clion Thong from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

PetitQ Underwear New Spring Collection

PetitQ Underwear New Spring Collection from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

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