Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4

Brute Club Personal Trainer Brute Wanks

Brute has a hot body and a big and thick uncut cock that he likes to show off, and the personal trainer has found the right place to do it! He's most definitely a top, having never had anything in his own arse before, but maybe that will change in time? He's all about enjoying some cock with other guys and has had some hot experiences, and he's about to have another as the handsome guy wanks the cum from his big cock!

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Craig Daniel & Nathan Hope Craig Gets It Good From New Boy Nathan!

Sporty hunk Craig is back to let his wild side loose again, and who better to fuck him than horny new French boy Nathan? We couldn't wait to see this inked lad getting some arse, and we knew these guys would click. Hung Craig feeds his new friend that big uncut cock, then feasts on the boys long solid dick too in a face fucking 69 before giving up his hole for some real fucking. The rugby hunk gets off on it all, with both the guys wanking out their loads to finish off a very hot duo!

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Deacon Hunter & Cameron James A Powerfully Fucked Hole

Poor Cameron looks like a Turtle stuck on its back and unable to right itself, but that's perfect for kinky Deacon. The bound and naked twink is hungry for a hard dick to suck, something Deacon generously offers. The boys smooth arse is hungry too though, and with a little spanking and hole play Cameron soon gets that length in his pucker, hard and frantic, with Deacon's balls bouncing against him with every powerful thrust! Wanked and fucked with expert skill, Cameron can't hold his cum in and splashes his load out over himself, soon to be joined by Deacon's wad before being left to marinate in their juices!

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Kieron Knight & Casper Ellis Spanked And Well Used Twink

Kieron is in a bit of a bad mood, and he needs to take it out on a hot hole. Thankfully he has young Casper naked and roped down to a pallet, his arse on show and ready to be used. Some of his mates have already had their fun and left scribbles scrawled on his cheeks, but Kieron is looking for more. Spanking that pert little butt he works up a stonking erection, and fills the boys hole with it to get his cum pumping out!

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Anthony Fisher Str8 Boy Seeking His Prostate

He's nervous to start, but once Anthony starts getting into jerking off and gets some fingers in his virgin ass he's really enjoying himself! He's a horny straight boy who likes to challenge himself to experience new things regularly, which brings him to us, showing off his cock and stroking out a cum load for the boys. We think he needs a cock in that butt to help him find his sweet spot, but he makes do with his own fingers and pumps a nice load out!

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Boomer Jacoby & Welsey Kincaid Dick Swapping Straight Guy

Boomer probably never thought he would end up in a bathroom sucking a guys uncut cock and getting some cum in his mouth, but then he probably never expected to feed another dude his dick either. He's getting some hot cock sucking action with horny Welsey in this mutual gobbling session, both getting a taste of the others juicy load!

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Preston Ettinger & Wesley Marks Anal Foot Fucking With Horny Boys

Preston has some special treats in store for his horny friend Wesley in this foot play session. With toes sucked and soles licked, the boys move on to cock sucking, foot wanking and some digits sinking between butt cheeks too! The shared jacking and foot groping is what eventually has them busting out their nutts together in a messy finish!

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Blake Mast & Riley Summers Riley Is Ready For Dinner!

Riley serves dinner, one solitary bean that hardly impresses. Is it enough to give Blake the stamina to bend him over the dining table and fuck his cum load into him? You bet it is! Nothing could stop this boy from sliding his cock into that willing young ass, and Riley gets a glorious fucking for his efforts toiling over the hot stove - not.

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Devin Lee Scott & Jeremiah Johnson Buddies Share Some Stiff Dick

If you were either of these boys you would be ready and willing to share your cock and cum at any given moment, right? Devin and Jeremiah are appearing in this shoot, sucking and jerking their dicks, with Devin getting his hot ass payed with and filled with cock, before he ends up splashed with both their cum shots! What a great friendship they have!

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Maskurbate - Naughty Audition

Even though Jackson is a great dancer/choreographer, these days are tough for everyone. He decided to audition at a local strip club for extra cash. I replaced the guy who usually hires the new strippers and brought with me new sets of rules...

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MenofMontreal - Mirror Mirror

I've been training hard lately and what better way to check out the results of all the work in the gym that in front of a mirror?! I called my friend Brandon Jones to film my solo shoot and for a first time videographer I was pleasantly surprised. I think I might have discovered a hidden talent in Brandon, he's as much of a natural behind the camera as he is in front of it!

Enjoy the show ;)

Marko L.

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NextDoorEbony - Parkside Pickup

This is a feast for the eyes! When two very attractive men notice each other, just outside of a busy, downtown park, sparks fly right away. XL was just relaxing on a sitting feature when along walked Jin Powers, very smartly dressed.
The look Jin shot XL was enough to say, 'come to my apartment and fuck me.' XL knows the look, so he followed. Once inside, like a good host, Jin poured them each a glass of wine. A little chit-chat lead to some deep smooching. Jin didn't waste much time before going to his knees to take XL's dick out and taste it.
XL knew Jin was the perfect type of freak. He enjoys Jin's soft lips around his hard member for a bit before reciprocating. Jin's cock emerged powerfully huge and extremely hard. XL loves a nice, firm erection sliding in and out of his mouth. They soon retired to Jin's bedroom where XL continued to slurp Jin's massive dick, then went in to experience Jin's sweet ass. It wasn't much of this before XL slid his swollen manhood into that tight hole. XL pounded Jin hard and with passion.
Jin took his fucking well, then positioned XL to be pumped.
Join these amazing studs as they come together for the first time, and perhaps ignite the flame of a lasting relationship. Enjoy!

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IconMale - Brothers

Colton Grey is relaxing in bed, reading a book that Connor Maguire lent him. Connor enters to see what his younger brother is up to; but after he realizes Colton is ignoring him, he pulls rank and makes Colton give him his book back. Colton passive aggressively throws the book on the ground towards Connor without saying a word. This angers Connor and he makes Colton get out of bed to pick it up. Begrudgingly, Colton does as he's told, but pugnaciously pushes the book into Connor's chest in a final act of defiance. Connor can't take it anymore and asks Colton what his problem is, to which Colton replies that Connor is his problem.

Connor pushes Colton down on the bed, but soon his hands realize that they don't want to hurt Colton. He finds himself starting to massage Colton's chest instead. As his hands move on Colton's chest, Connor can see that his step-brother is clearly into it. And after a few moments of palpable electricity, they break into a make-out session backed by weeks of lustful tension. After stripping each other of their clothes, Connor leans forward to slowly take Colton's big cock into his mouth. Colton gasps in pleasure, and pushes Connor's head further down onto his swollen member. Connor ramps up the intensity going harder and harder before flipping Colton over and licking his tight ass. Colton pushes his hips back towards Connor in ecstasy, as Connor continues his awesome rimjob.

Getting up off the bed, Colton pulls Connor in for a slow kiss which turns into sensual make-out. After which Connor sits back against the headboard, and Colton sucks his cock which is jumping with anticipation of the pleasure of Colton's warm, wet mouth. After wetting down Connor's rod, Colton climbs on top of his bigger brother and starts to ride his big dick. After working his hole, Connor lifts up his little brother and starts fucking his sweet ass from below.

Connor wants Colton every way he can, and starts fucking him sideways while they are making out. After flipping Colton 6 ways to Sunday, they end in a passionate missionary. Colton is getting everything he could possibly want, Connor's cock hitting all of the right places. Watching Colton fuck him is turning him on, and Colton can't hold it any more! Finishing first, he explodes all over his stomach. The sight of Connor's ropes of jism landing on his stomach brings Connor to the edge, blowing his load all over Colton's slightly hairy stomach.

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DylanLucas - Breaking The Pact

Anthony Verusso and Casey More are both close friends who have been dumped by their boyfriends. They make a pact to spend the summer without guys and to just focus on themselves and their friendship. It's hard though going through summer without any sex right? And with spending so much time together, and their libidos not being entertained... something is bound to happen between them. Luckily for you, you get to see it all go down! Enjoy!

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ActiveDuty - Reece

In today's War Chest Wednesday update, we get a peek at a cute blond pisser named Reece from way back when. By the time the camera started rolling, Reece was already looking comfy and cocky, lounging on the bed in just his underwear.Reece is a 5'9', 160-pound ball of pure sexual energy. He moistens up his cock with nature's lube, by licking his hands and rubbing the saliva all over his shaft to get it nice and wet. He's no novice to pleasuring himself in all manner of techniques, and licking his fingers isn't just to get his dick slick, but also to lube up his fingers for a little exploratory action in his tight hole. Reece wasn't just fingering himself, but even re-licking his fingers after they'd been inside him and diving right back in again for another round. That's some kinky shit!

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NextDoorCasting - Buddies Casting: Presley Wright

Presley Wright is a versatile Southern charmer ready to get his West Coast freak on. Standing at an even 6 feet tall, this lanky, svelte beau with the nice shapely ass is on the casting couch for Markie to have his way, which is exactly what our host does. Putting Presley through the paces, Markie starts by sucking him off, before quickly switching it up, reclined on a sofa as Presley gags on his hard cock. Once he's nice and hard, Markie bends Presley over and tries him out, plunging his cock deep into Presley's waiting ass. Presley can feel every inch of Markie as our host pounds the newbie. They shift positions, and Presley rides Markie, grinding on him reverse as Markie gives a hearty smack to Presley's ass, before turning him over and going at him inverted missionary, shifting Presley's legs up over his shoulders, so as to hit bottom as Presley moans from pleasure, before spewing his load all over Presley as he jacks his own load onto his stomach. All in all, a pretty good debut for this Rocky Top bottom. Is it enough to come back? You decide. Enjoy!

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IconMale - Gay Massage House 3

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HotHouse - Hard Medicine

Hot Dr. Sean Zevran's frequent patient, Armond Rizzo is waiting for him in the examination room. When the doctor inquires about his medical challenge, Armond says that 'this time' it's his lower back, and that the last treatment he got really helped him a lot. Armond pulls down his shorts and mounts the examination table on all fours with his ass up in the air and legs spread, to show the doctor where it hurts. Dr. Sean injects lube in Armond's hole and offers up a deep digital insertion with his fingers in Armond's perfect hole. Dr. Sean really wants to help Armond so he turns up the intensity by inserting a stainless steel ball probe into his hole and giving Armond a serious face fucking with his rock hard, thick dick. The final part of the treatment is Armond wrapping his ass around the doctor's big cock, and Armond gets poised to take it. To finish it all off, Dr. Zevran sits back on the examination table and Armond lowers his greedy butt onto Dr. Sean's huge dick and rides it hard in reverse cowboy while he jerks his cock until streams of cum fall down, and Dr. Sean shoots out a heavy helping of cum too.

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ExtraBigDicks - Need It Again

Braxton won't leave Luke alone and keeps calling him and texting him every day so he can get fucked by the big dick again. Luke has a boyfriend and doesn't want any that ass no more but Braxton is very persuasive and talks Luke into coming over to his house for quickie one last time. Luke arrives and is very reluctant to do this but Braxton drops to his knees and pulls out that smooth yummy cock of Luke's and starts to moan as he can feel that tongue wrapping around his dick. Braxton is worshipping that sexy cock and Luke has his head back in bliss but snaps out of it and bends that bubble ass over and begins to fuck it hard and quick. If this is the last time he is going to do this he is going deep and hard until Braxton can't take his big dick anymore and has to cum all over himself. Once Luke nuts he realizes what he has done and quickly leaves. Enjoy!

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NextDoorBuddies - The Wedding Planner 2: Florist Edition

Derrick Dime's wedding is proving to be much more effort than he initially realized, not to mention infinitely more expensive than even his wildest projections. It seems like every time he turns around he has to write a check with too many zeroes on the end of it. It's starting to wear him down, but like a diligent fiance, Derrick is doing everything he can to make his bride to be happy. Today he's at the Bolton Florist, which shouldn't be a big deal... just approve some center arrangements and he's all set, until the itemized bill is presented. Derrick's chagrin at yet another bill has him wondering just what his wedding planner meant by 'all inclusive'. Fortunately for Derrick, Brenner Bolton offers the same 50% discount, provided Derrick qualifies.
Derrick face palms, but at least he has some experience now, so as Brenner throws him back against the chaise lounge and begins sucking him off, Derrick gets hard as a rock. Might as well enjoy it, he thinks, as Brenner stands and shoves his cock into Derrick's mouth. Derrick sucks his dick as Brenner climbs on top of him, straddling him as he 69s the groom to be. In no time at all, Brenner slides to the foot of the recliner and spreads Derrick's legs as wide as they'll go, propping him up on his shoulders and elevating his meaty ass, tonguing him right in the center as Derrick strokes himself. Derrick's eyes roll back into his head and he's hard as a rock, so Brenner bends over and Derrick goes 'all in', fucking Brenner from behind, every thrust knocking more and more money off his bottom line, and by the time he and Brenner have shot their loads, he's earned his deal and is coming up roses... for now.Enjoy!

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