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September 5

Peguei flagraa cleverson batendo punheta

2015 - Live - How To Put On A Male Condom On Penis !!!!

Sex educational video that show men step by step how to put on a male condom correctly to prevent themselves from sexual transmitted diseases and also from unwanted pregnancy.


russian, english subtitles
Arrested Development, Butirca Prison, Moscow
A film on the conditions of men in the critical phase of retardation,
a documentary about the Butirca Prison in Moscow.

camera: Juri Burak
editing: Istvan Ausch
postediting: Sándor Gréczi
directed by Jürg Da Vaz.
filmed on site at Butirca Prison, Moscow
a Da Vaz production© 1998

Имеет ли размер полового органа значение - Я соромлюсь свого тіла - Выпуск 10 - 15.05

Как изменить свою жизнь к лучшему? Можно ли перестать стыдиться болезни, которая портит вашу жизнь? И, в конце концов, реально ли от нее избавиться? На все эти вопросы дает ответы новый проект канала СТБ «Я соромлюсь свого тіла».

В каждом выпуске программы «Я соромлюсь свого тіла» будут показаны пять реальных людей с тяжелыми заболеваниями.

RagingStallion - Total Exposure 1

Spying an old building that offers shelter from the hot sun, Sebastian Kross cuts his hike short, telling Chris Bines and Johnny V, 'I haven't had sex in a week.' As proof, he drops his shorts to expose a huge hard on. Chris drops his shots too, and he and Johnny drop to their knees, forming a tube with their mouths and tongues around Sebastian's cock. A change-up leaves Johnny kneeling and the others feeding him dick from both sides. They toss a horse blanket over a discarded oil drum and Johnny straddles it, getting face-fucked by Chris while Sebastian eats his muscle-ass. With a lot of ink and muscle on display, Chris gets up on Johnny's back, so Sebastian can feast on both their asses. They move into full daylight and Sebastian jams his dick into Chris' hole. Chris and Sebastian take turns plowing Johnny, whose widespread legs and muscled body are living proof that a hot man is even hotter with a hot cock in his ass. Overcome with sexual intensity, they all shoot their loads -- Chris in Johnny's face, Sebastian on his balls and Johnny all over his washboard abs.

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FalconStudios - Tahoe - Keep Me Warm

Nick Sterling is losing at pool, so he interrupts Brandon Moore's concentration by pulling out his cock and lifting his shirt to show a hard and hairy abs and a treasure trail anyone would want to slide his tongue along. Brandon sets the cue stick aside in favor of sucking Nick's cock, adding to his pleasure by sawing the edge of his hand along Nick's taint. A full beard and hairy chest give Nick a sexy appeal. He thrusts reflexively, mashing his balls into Brandon's face. Brandon nibbles his way up to Nick's lips, stripping as he goes, to display and toned and lightly furry chest and a hard on that quickly finds the moist, wet center of Nick's throat. Turning and flinging his arms out to embrace the green felt of the pool table, Brandon offers Nick his ass. Nick takes it with his tongue, then fingers, and finally with his cock. Brandon's long legs spread wide. Each thrust rocks him with another shudder of pleasure. He grabs his cock and squeezes out multiple sticky streams of hot jizz that coat his torso from neck to navel. With sweat coursing down his chest, Nick aims his cock at Brandon's face and shoots jet upon jet of cream into his mouth.

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NextDoorWorld - Poolside Massage

Addison Graham has the house all to himself for the week, while his parents are off on vacation. It's such a beautiful day that Addison decides he could use a little rest and relaxation as well, so he orders himself a four handed massage from a local service provider. When Jake Karhoff and Ivan James arrive at Addison's house, they're blown away at the grounds, the property and most of all the pool, as Addison leads them out to the deck.Ivan is already eyeing Addison's bubble butt as he rubs his back, and as Jake sneaks a peek under Addison's towel, he sees the host is already half hard from his double rub down, so Jake begins to push the envelope, running his hand along Addison's crack, and then licking the inside of his thigh. Ivan has already removed his shorts and has his dick in Addison's mouth, and as he sucks away, the guys realize their host is down with the program, so they shed all pretense and both Ivan and Jake begin to have their way with Addison. Ivan fucks Addison's mouth while Jake eats his asshole, licking him up and down before shoving his cock deep inside. Addison continues to suck on Ivan as Jake pounds away, but Ivan is clearly jealous and wants a piece, so they switch up, and Ivan goes to town as Jake kisses Addison. Jake watches Ivan do his business but before he busts, he'd like one more crack at Addison's crack before he loses his nut, so Addison flips over and Jake finishes him off missionary, slamming into Addison with thrust after thrust as Ivan begins to spray his load all over Addison's glistening body. Jake pulls out and blasts Addison with a double dose of jizz before Addison completes the trifecta with his own well massaged release. With all three of them sated and satisfied, they hop in the pool to wash off and cool down. Enjoy!

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MenOver30 - Every Last Mile

Jake finally made the big move to Josh's house and they are excited as all hell. They haven't seen each other in three months because Jake had to move his whole life to be with Josh but the wait was worth it. Jake can't wait to get Josh naked so in a rush he unbuttons Josh' shirt and throws it off. The two have an intense make out session. The love is in the air as they worship each other's bodies rubbing and caressing. The connection is strong with these two sexy men as they intertwine their bodies together pleasing their internal instincts. Jake takes it easy on Josh's glorious blonde golden ass as he passionately fucks him deep and soft while kissing him. The intimacy finally builds up to a blast of creamy cum all over Josh.Enjoy!

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ActiveDuty - Jeremy & Ivan

Well this one will certainly be an adventure to remember. We have Jeremy, who came on and joined Quentin just recently, and we also have Ivan, who's a brand new recruit (and cute as a button!).After Claude, our man on the front lines, chats the boys up for just a bit, the two strip down, side-by-side on the bed, and ripen up their luscious cocks for our eyes to consume. That dick on Jeremy just won't quit. It's exquisitely shaped and looks so hot being stroked in his masculine hands. Ivan obviously liked it, as he didn't waste much time before leaning over and wrapping his mouth around the throbbing thing. Then we have Jeremy leaning over to suck Ivan's hard meat. Jeremy makes great eye contact with Claude's camera as he pleasures his new buddy. Before too long, Ivan is working the stiff cock on Ivan into his tight hole. Jeremy had to help him with the initial penetration, and also help him work into a good rhythm. Once they get going, we see this team work cohesively as Ivan bounces on Jeremy's cock while Jeremy jerks Ivan. At one point, Jeremy lets Ivan's swollen dick bounce on his chest. Then they switch things up so Jeremy can fuck Ivan's ass from behind. 'It must feel good, 'cause his dick is hard,' Claude observes out loud at one point. At this, Jeremy reaches for Ivan's cock to find Claude's words to be ringing true. He jacks Ivan some more while they fuck. Finally, Evan goes to his back so Jeremy can pound him a bit more before they switch. Ivan enjoyed fucking Jeremy's ass so much. I think he had built up a good haul of anticipation. And he sure makes the most of it! I enjoyed very much the verbal back-and-forth these two had while Ivan was pounding him. 'Do you like that?' Ivan asks. 'I love it,' Jeremy tells him. And I know that boy wasn't lying!

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ExtraBigDicks - Administrative Power Bottom

Osiris is interviewing Sean for the new office assistant position that just opened up. Sean is multitasked and wants to show Osiris how great he is at his new job. As Sean is taking notes of certain procedures that he must follow Osiris begins to walk towards him while pulling on his cock which is beginning to bulge from his pants. Sean looks up and Osiris kisses him which shocks Sean but once Osiris tells him that if he wants a good raise he needs to pull out his big cock. Sean doesn't hesitate and pulls out that long thick dark piece of meat and his jaw drops. He takes the limp dick all in his mouth and begins to feel the hardness of it as it grows from him stroking and sucking on Osiris's sexy cock. Sean is in candy land and loves to service big cocks like this one. He's so eager to be fucked by it and Osiris is quick to bend him over his desk and push his thick cock deep into him. At first Sean isn't sure if he can handle it but Osiris knows how to use his fat dick and eases it in and soon enough is sliding all the way in and pulling it out then back in sending Sean over the edge. The intense fucking with such a long cock in an office environment is to much to handle for Sean and he unleashes a massive load of cum all over Osiris. Enjoy!

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Khám niệu sinh dục Nam

Kỹ Năng thăm khám Tiết niệu - Sinh dục Nam.
Tác giả Bs. Trần Văn Nguyên

abajo los calzones

Alex Greene Alexander Greene Chaining In Bed

Horse hung Alexander Greene uses two hands to work on his big tool while he chain-smokes his Newports! (130 photos)

King Chainin

Euro chainsmokin 18 year-old King is back smokin while he strokes his thick uncut cock until he shoots his load! (163 photos)

Backyard Bondage: Part 5

The tables are turned! Preston Lee is now the one tied to a pole, to be inspected, oiled up, and flogged by Dean Daniels. The former Dom's body glistens and jumps Dean flogs his beautiful torso!

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Luke Stevens

Being quiet and shy doesn't stop Luke from stripping down. See how he comes out of his shell and finishes with a very friendly habit.

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Mason Lucas Bisexual Mason Is Ready To Please

If anyone needs lessons in cock edging then they need to watch bisexual Mason in action. The horny guy starts off a little shy, but when that uncut dick is out he's quickly chubby, then rock hard, furiously wanking. We thought things might be over when he started cumming, but he was holding it back, letting a little dribble out, then getting right back into his jerking! He really edged his cock all the way, taking it slow and eventually erupting a hot load of cum all over himself!

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Josh Jared & AJ Alexander A Wet Cum Eating Finish!

The lust between AJ and Josh is palpable as they release their big uncut dicks for some mutual wanking and sucking, but once Josh is bent over and his hole is wet with spit and lube AJ doesn't hold back on the fucking! Ramming in deep and letting Josh ride his dick has Josh kneeling and wanking his load out of his dick, but he's still wanking when AJ erupts his splashing load all over his face, ending with a sticky cum eating kiss.

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Ashton Bradley & Jack Green Jack Gets His Arse Slammed

Handsome Jack finds himself tied to a beam and stripped naked, just how Ashton likes them! Come to think of it, Ashton likes them in all kinds of ways! The boy gets his big uncut dick wanked and sucked, but the flogging makes him soft again. It's okay, Ashton doesn't care much about Jack getting off, as long as he does! Slamming his cock into the tanned boys arse he fucks him hard and nasty before getting him on his knees to take his cum in his gorgeous face!

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Deacon Hunter & Izan Loren A Swinging Sucking Session!

Deacon arrives to find blond boy Izan naked and strapped into the swing, a great toy to make use of the boys entire body. There's plenty of hot wax on hand to pour over the naked twink, in-between feeding him his uncut cock and fucking his mouth to build up that cum load. With the boy dizzy and almost encased in hardening wax Deacon satisfies himself with a wanked out cum shot raining down on his captive.

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Brian Younger & Big Black Big Black Gets A Little Help

Big Black knows he loves cock and pussy, and we plan to give him plenty of dick to enjoy. He's kicking things off with a jack off and suck session, with horny young Brian on hand to give the guy some oral before Joe inevitably takes over, he can't resist a juicy black dick! He gets a good load out of the guy, a worthy prize for that face fucking.

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Billy da Kidd Billy Returns Horny As Ever!

After far too long away, horny Billy is back and needing to catch us up on things. You probably guessed that he ended up back behind bars, for a little while, but that's left him really needing to pick up where he left off. He's horny, soon naked and playing with his cock, jacking off and pumping out a messy load of goo on his thigh. We've missed him, and we know you have too!

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Jonjon Stroking Straight Thug Jonjon

Jonjon admits that he's always horny. He jerks off at least twice a day, every day, and he figured when he found out about us he may as well make some money stroking that dick. He's a cute guy with a real nice hairy and pointed cock, easily hard and quickly leaking precum as he plays with himself and drains a hot load from his balls within a few minutes. We think he'll be back to do more.

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Eddy Hammer Eddy Has A Load To Give You

Eddy found out about us from one of his buddies and he decided to stop by and make some money. He's got no problem getting his cock out, shaved smooth and quickly hard and throbbing in his grip. He jacks himself off and takes aim, squirting a really hot load of cum from his dick and making quite a mess too. I think we all want to see more of him, right guys?

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Garden of Even - Shirtless Hunk (Gay Web Series NSFW)

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