Sunday, September 6, 2015

September 6

Shane Allen & Jeremiah Johnson Shane & Jeremiah Together Again!

Super smokers Jeremiah and Shane get down to some hardcore smoke sex in the backyard! When they're done, Jeremiah feeds Shane his jizz fresh from the rubber! (350 photos)

Lance & James Smoke Fucking

Euro hotties Lance and James meet up for a hot smoke fuck. It starts with the two lighting up and making out, hauling hard on their smokes. These two smooth and horny euro boys smoke up a storm while they swap blowjobs, enjoying every inch of their uncut cocks! Then James hops onto Lance's rock hard cock smoking and riding his 8 inches until he unloads his thick creamy load! Lance keeps smoking and pumping James' ass and then blasts a HUGE load of cum all over himself!

Jerry Smoke & Stroke

Blonde shaggy haired chainsmoker Jerry has a chainsmoking and cock stroking session on his couch! (83 photos)

Stand-up Comedy. Любовь и секс. Андрей Лапин (полная версия без купюр)

Экстравагантное и комичное представление с участием зрителей, непредсказуемое, смешное по форме и глубокое по содержанию. Клуб на Брестской.

- Секс как путь выхода за рамки собственной ограниченности.
- Мистические переживания в сексе.
- Эзотерика любви.

"Первым делом мы – мужчины и женщины, а уже потом инженеры, корейцы и так далее, – говорит Андрей Лапин. – Чтобы избавиться от нажитых нами шаблонов, нужно сотрясти фундамент, и тогда они отвалятся, как штукатурка со стены. За этот фундамент и можно зацепиться – через секс. Вот о нем-то я и буду говорить".

Limp Bizkit @ NOYS NIGHT OUT 3

Ruggerbugger have photos of footballer Jairo Henriquez showing off his sporty naked body and dick in a selfie!

EricDeman has a horny POV video of two guys having a hookup in public. Horny with the knowledge they might be caught they suck dick and play with each other’s asses while recording the whole thing. Dirty anonymous fun!

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At BreederFuckers, stuck-up teen Ross takes massive pride in his big hetero dong. He skates around the neighbourhood with it jangling about in his shorts trying to get all the girls to notice. But he is disgusted by any men looking at him and it's agony now being tied naked with his arms and legs spread wide. His cock and balls hang vulnerably out in the open to be fondled and used by any man who wants to. Adrian strokes and sucks on his todger no matter how much the smug fucker mouths off to him and spouts homophobic insults. When his cock is nice and hard, Dave enters to tie a massive heavy bowling ball to his genitals. Tugged down so hard he feels like they are going to be snapped off with his engorged dick ready to burst. Ross is slicked up so his lithe muscular body shines in his shameful exposed state. While his prick and balls are continuously yanked down his anus is invaded by Adrian who fingers his arse mercilessly. Now that his precious junk has been so strained, Ross is exceedingly grateful to get the pleasurable attention to his dick. He's wanked and sucked till he's aching for release. Unable to hold it in any longer, Ross releases a torrent of pent up sperm. Immediately, Adrian delivers swift punches to the fucker's stomach while Dave viciously smacks Ross' sensitive stiff cock. The sensations of pleasure mingled with pain are now fused into this filthy boy's consciousness.

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At BrutalTops, snarling Masters Derek and Will team up to humiliate and damage submissive worm elliott. The pathetic sub is completely naked and he has his mouth jammed open with a bridle and bit by the tops. The vicious Masters take it in turns to thrash the ass of the squirming sub and ride him around like a worthless ugly mule.

The sub's ass soon becomes red raw from all the whipping that the Masters dish out. Finally, with the sub lying on his back on the ground the Masters ram their stinking feet deep into his mouth and trample over him, causing him pain and humiliation.

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At TheCastingRoom, big brawny straight man Enrico has been trying to break into block buster films. Now that Arnie is sagging and old, this weightlifter wants to launch himself as the next strongman action star. It’s expensive training every day to get as built and ripped as this guy. He picks up some cash posing for some bodybuilding ads and flashing his body at hen parties, but he’s eager to earn big bucks in porn. With his enormous easily-excitable cock it’s no wonder he gets all the gals screaming for it at parties. Here we also demand a good long look at his tight virgin asshole which he won’t allow anyone to touch!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, the proud footballer initially sneered at the board members when he was ordered to strip. Jon quickly realized he could lose millions from his contract if they aren't satisfied so he's now eager to satisfy their every desire and hops on the trophy table to bare his anus for the commanding clothed men. Some initial probing reveals how fresh and clean his ass is. Then we test how thick an object he can take up that tight hole. All the while the wealthy club owner greedily devours his food over his naked player's body increasing Jon's humiliation and making him feel like a whore made to sexually perform for his owner.

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At CFNMTV, with Andy’s clothes shoved down the loo the sleazy businessman is intensely aware that he's going to have to remain naked for as long as the women say. They pin him down and slide a vibrator up his virgin ass while everyone around him laughs and cheer.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, Darius is starting to get angry. The woman interviewing him keeps asking more and more of him and now he's stood stark naked in the office! His macho pride kicks in and he wants to assert himself. But he doesn't yet understand just how little Lucinda and her colleagues care. They know full well they have ultimate power over him and they are not afraid to use it.

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Ukrainian teenagers accuse the guy of being a pedophile and lead him naked on the street

Rick Chester & Jett

Super sexy Rick Chester is back and Jett is absolutely stoked that his second appearance on camera is getting fucked by Rick. The two have instant chemistry and embrace with real intensity. Rick's cock slides in and out of Jett's mouth as Rick face fucks him on the edge of the bed. Jett then lubes up Rick's fine ass with his tongue. It's Rick's turn to get Jett's hole ready for his cock onslaught and he fingers Jett's ass making him moan with pleasure. But enough of foreplay the tension is demanding cock in ass and Rick can't wait. Jett is so turned on by Rick it's not long before he cums all over his chest - but that doesn't stop Rick. He continues the fuck session until he is ready to blow his load leaving Jett with a grinning face, covered in cum.

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Jon Dieseal & Mario Angel

These Marbella boys really know how to have fun and it's always poolside when the action goes down. Even if there's an audience that still doesn't deter these guys from poking and stroking a hot load. Explore passion that's undeniable with testosterone driven youth, and it's even better the second time around. Enjoy this scene with Jon Dieseal and Mario Angel of some of the hottest twinks this side of the pool!

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Arkadius with Dildo

Arkadius has an itch that needs to be scratched deep inside his hole. He pulls out one dildo but it barely satisfies his intense desire. He then impales his fine ass on a number of massive dildos - swallowing then between his ass cheeks. A handsome stranger arrives to help him in his quest for satisfaction and they both end up satiated.

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Chris Reed

Sexy 27 year old Chris Reed, with his tattooed, toned body and uncut meat, will get your heart pumping. Enjoy!

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Anton Dahl & Declan McClain BAREBACK in Albuquerque

Adventurous Anton is a bit of an action sports fan - listing snowboarding and motocross amongst the long list of his sporting interests. His blonde locks are in stark contrast to Declan's dark looks but the two of them have terrific on screen chemistry as they start kissing passionately. Though the hottest part of this scene is definitely watching a tidal wave of cum flow from Anton's hole at the end ...

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Apolo Barebangs Andy Star

My most recent trip to Brazil uncovered two of the hottest guys I have ever had the pleasure to shoot for BangBangBoys. First up Andy Star with his dark hair and gorgeous tattooed body and then Apolo with his smooth tight body and one hell of a big dick! So naturally we had to put these two together for a bareback fuck fest that will have you wincing as Andy's tight butt devours every inch of Apolo's bare monster cock. Apolo does that the time to lube it up first with his tongue and then delivers a huge load all over Andy's grateful face. Muito bom!

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Backyard Bondage: Part 7

Master Dean Daniels requires that Preston Lee pose for him. After being oiled up, Preston gets to work pleasing his Master with flexes of his hot body. The flogger and the riding crop is used when encouragement is needed.

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Prier Rose: Solo

With his cock hard and played with, Prier Rose wants more. Pulling out his hung toy, Prier slides it in for the finish.

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Maskurbate - Dare 2 Strip?

Mike invited his buddy Frank to share a scene with him. They played two games of poker: one a strip game the other a seduction game. They made lots of insinuations to each other which caused them to become both shy and horny at the same time. We watch as these two gorgeous ripped jocks strip in front of each other, testing and challenging each other to see who is prepared to go furthest. This is exciting! But in the end we are all winners as we watch them lose their inhibitions and see the gold! Enjoy!

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MenofMontreal - Kyle Takes A Pounding

Kyle moved those French lips of his onto Derek's fat 9 incher and blew his partner, mentally preparing himself for the next move he was going to make. That was to settle into a missionary position to take his first pounding from our top man Derek. It should be said that Kyle did prep himself prior to shooting, using a dildo to open up. He was too nervous to take it all in from the get go. But Kyle showed just how good he takes dick as he was pounded deeply, to full tilt, by Bad Boy Derek. Derek took a break and also gave his partner's ass a break when he pulled out and sat back on the couch. That was Kyle's cue to move in to blow our tattooed dude some more. Once Derek and Kyle's ass had caught their breath (lol), Derek mounted his bottom boy from behind and let loose, pounding him silly on the edge of the sofa. When Derek pulled out, he just shot his load all over Kyle's ass. Kyle, amazed at taking Derek's cock with such ease, turned and laid on his back to pound his dick until he shot his own wad of cum.

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ActiveDuty - Franco

What a nice little taste of variety this young man is! Right from the jump, I was hooked by Franco's urban flair. And I'll admit, by the end, I was thrown for a bit of a loop. Franco came off as a bit shy in the beginning, even standoffish I'd say. But I was sorely wrong! As you can hear from his interacting later in the shoot, with Claude, Franco really hit the ground running with a forward-marching attitude that really blasted this young man right onto my most-anticipated list. This is another fine recruit brought to us by Claude, who's been rounding up strong, virile soldiers in the San Diego area. As I've mentioned before, I lived in San Diego for several years and it's no surprise Claude has been so successful! Franco has a very down-to-earth vibe. He's real, he's raw, and he has a huge, beautiful, uncut cock. Claude tells me Franco is one of the most eager prospective recruits he's ever seen. I've seen enough boys come through to know what that means...we'll get to experience Franco push a lot of his limits to the very edge, and I'd bet he's gonna have a blast doing it! Franco gets going and really works up to a strong beat. His physical power is so evident as he tugs his swollen cock. His rhythm and force become extremely intense as he gets lost the experience. Let's keep our eyes peeled and our senses heightened in anticipation of Franco's return. This recruit is going places.

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NextDoorTwink - Lusty Landscaping

Texas Holcum is always complaining about his landscaping job. 'It's too hot out, it's boring, they don't pay me enough.' Well today, he's getting quite a nice bonus! As he moves with a leaf blower around to the back porch of the palatial estate where his crew is working for the day, he notices an open window. Texas keeps sweeping the red, clay tiles, but can't help but steal quick peeks into the window. He sees a bed and soon after realizes there's a well-defined, nude male body lying in it. He also realizes that the man is relaxing face down. He figures that if he can stay quiet, he can creep closer to the window for a better look at what appears from a distance to be a great ass.Texas puts down the broom, gets closer, and sees that it is indeed a wonderfully plump rump. He decides to pull his cock out, since no one else is around. He jerks for a few minutes, getting it totally nice and hard. Since he's been able to go this far without being discovered, he figures 'why not climb inside the window and get an even closer look. So he does. And once inside, he can't keep his hands and mouth off that tempting ass. He leans down, still with his stiff dick out, spreads the cheeks and licks that stranger's hole. Resting Derrick Dime, owner of the home, perks up, but doesn't move at first, partly because this tonguing feels so, so good, and partly because he knows if he waits a few moments, he can get this punk intruder right where he wants him. Derrick flips onto his back after a while. Texas, wrapped up in the moment, takes the opportunity to sample a tasting of Derrick's fine-looking cock. 'Wow can this guy suck!' Derrick thinks. But just as Texas begins getting even more comfortable with this strange man's dick in his mouth, Derrick springs into action. He grabs Texas by the neck and throws his face down onto the bed. He whispers in his ear, just before he bites it, that Texas is about to get more than he bargained for. Derrick spits into Texas's ass and then rubs his wet hole with his thumb. Texas never could've expected this, but he's definitely liking it! Derrick inserts his swollen, meaty cock into Texas's eager hole and gradually works up the pace into a nice, steady, hard fucking. After a while, Derrick decides he wants a taste of Texas's dick, so he lays him down and bobs on his firm piece for a while. Then he instructs Texas to climb atop his erection and ride it. He does for a while, then goes to his back so this guy can slam his ass some more. Join this pair as they let the adrenaline boost their intense sexual passion. And just after the amazing, explosively hot climax, find out what makes Texas freak the fuck out!!

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