Saturday, October 3, 2015

October 3

Мобиба рулит !!!

Мобиба с парофоном, это вещь! Навесной парогенератор в мобильной бане создает постоянное парообразование. Пар легкий и правильный, париться одно удовольствие!

Стриптиз в клубе " МИРАЖ". г. Дзержинск Донецкой области.

Blake and hendo Festival of the sun 2009, Drunk pirate love

Performance Art for Mark Ressl's architecture Thesis project at the Cooper Union.

Случайная демонстрация Мужской техники массажа и мануалки

Folsom street fair 2014

WORST street fight with a naked man who take off is court by him self

One of the worst street fight ever with a man who take off is court.

This horny young footballer shows off his body as I film him through the tiny hole in the wall of this changing room. He has a great pair of underpants and a totally suckable cock. Check out his peachy, perfect ass as well!

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Ruggerbugger have photos of footballer Roman Martinez showing off his tattooed body and hard cock!
EricDeman has a horny video of a naked sporty dude making his own music video dancing in the shower showing off his soapy ass and cock!

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Joseph has undergone an extraordinary transformation at BreederFuckers. Recently he was strutting through the streets in his baggy gangster clothes, threatening and taking anything he wanted. Now his extreme training has rendered him perfectly submissive. His hands are bound behind his back and put on his knees so he must crawl along miserably slow. He's stark naked so his muscular hard body is on constant display and his tight ass is vulnerable as he turns and bends.
Joseph's head is covered and he's blindfolded, but it's still possible to see through to his crushed humiliated expression and the tears trapped on his cheeks. A gap is made to expose his mouth so he can suck dick. Since he can't see he must painfully crawl over the floor searching for the cock to suck. He can only locate it by sniffing out the musty scent of it. The cruel game is amplified as an electric collar is attached around his neck giving him a shock unless he begs for cock and obediently provides the oral service that's demanded of him. He must bend over and expose his slick hetero arsehole while Adrian wanks above it.
This tough thug is continuously told how he'll now be pimped out to wealthy gentlemen who will do nothing but fuck and trash him. This will be his only use from now on.

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At BrutalTops, sadistic Masters Will and Derek return to fuck and humiliate weak and feeble sub elliott. The naked young sub is powerless to prevent the tops from using him as they will.

They order him to suck their dicks before turning him around to inspect his loose asshole. This excites the tops who take it in turns to fuck the living daylights out of him. Master Will laughs and sneers at the worm below him as he ploughs his huge dick into him. When the spitroasting of the runt is complete the Masters both spunk in his mouth and order him to swallow their thick, creamy loads.

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New at, Julian is a smooth confident guy with a trim body and versatile nature. It turns him on being dominated and fucked by big muscular sporty dudes. But he also gets a hard on bending over smaller guys to screw and have his nasty way with them. Julian is the sort of guy you’d ideally want in group sex where he could happily flip back and forth between fucking and being penetrated himself. He will make good meat in a sandwich.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At the cleaner grits his teeth in shock as the officers take turns ramming their way into his tight anal cavity. The uniformed boys egg each other on stretching his sphincter wider and using more fingers. Mr McGuire has had it, but he's quickly put in his place with statements of fact about his perilous position. Now that these indebted men are stark naked the collectors are high on their power and take full advantage doing whatever filthy things they want.

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The jock boys are in agony having been disrobed at the back of the school bus with all their classmates sitting only a few feet in front of them. The ingenious girls examine the athletic lads' genitals while the boys helplessly tug and twist against the rope that's binding them together.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, Karen is shocked when she sees the evidence of his betrayal on Jack's phone - but quickly recovers. It seems Siobhan was right all along - he is a sniveling scumbag! The determined woman quickly concocts a plan to bring Jack down to size and teach him a lesson. And having unknowingly swallowed something extra in his beer, the cocky man is about to discover what happens to people who cross Karen. They strip the dazed lad down till he’s stark naked with his cock fully on show!

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ActiveDuty - Austin

Meet Austin, a fresh-faced new recruit who, I'm glad to tell you, is dipping his toe in the water here at Active Duty. After you see his solo debut here, I can guarantee he'll be your newest favorite, and the soldier you're most eager to see mix it up with fellow platoon members. I've got to hand it to Claude...he's been scoring big time lately, and Austin might be one of his finest recruits so far. When I say this boy is handsome, you'll see why that's an understatement. Austin is smoking hot, from his head, down to the tip of his nicely shaped cock. He's a tried-and-true military boy and his incredibly chiseled body can back that up. Check out his sexy tattoos. Austin tells Claude, after Austin jerks off and is taking a shower, that the heart frequency ink on his chest is one he gave to himself. Now that's talent! In addition to having a knack for body art, Austin seems to have a pretty darn good handle on stroking his hard dick. Claude sets him up on the couch, where Austin goes from rubbing himself, fully clothed, to eventually seated butterfly style, tugging his meat and fingering his tight hole. Austin has beautiful skin. I've always been a sucker for a slight farmers' tan, and it looks like Austin's been wearing shorts lately. Claude gets some great shots from Austin's POV, giving us a great view of his gorgeous cock getting jacked. And finally, we get a nice, hearty blast from his fine recruit. He even fills up his cute li'l belly button with warm, sticky cum. During his shower, we get more a sense of Austin's personality. It's easy to see, from his chat with Claude here, that Austin had a great time. I think it's safe to say we'll be seeing this gorgeous new AD addition back real soon!

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NextDoorCasting - Casting Audition: Austin Andrews

Markie More is back for the business in another casting call audition, and this time he's got southern stud at his disposal. Austin Andrews is willing, able, and carrying the right tool to do the job, so Markie wastes no time getting to know him better. Peeling his clothes off, Austin reveals a massive chest and ripped arms, not to mention a great cock and an eager attitude, so Markie goes down on him immediately, as Austin quickly realizes how it's going down. Austin returns the favor, giving Markie enthusiastic head as he whips out the camera for your POV viewing pleasure. But Markie is here to see if Austin can go the full distance, so he bends the newbie over and begins to eat him out, getting Austin's bubble butt ready for a nice pounding. Austin takes it like a champ, spreading his cheeks and letting Markie get all the way inside him, as Markie runs his hands up Austin's ripped back. Austin decides he wants his turn, and so the two guys switch it up, and Austin finishes by showing Markie that two can play this game, proving his dick game is up to standards, before wetting Markie with a healthy load as Markie strokes himself off to completion. Laying there covered in cum, Markie has to admit that Austin has what it takes, but will it be enough to bring him back in the future? You decide? Enjoy!

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IconMale - The Stepfather 2

Adam Russo is infatuated with his younger house-mate, but even after hooking up before he's afraid to further explore the attraction between them. Even watching football and drinking beer could lead to somewhere dangerous. Adam knows he isn't strong enough to resist him. Sean knows the sex is good, and even as Adam tries to steer clear of complication, the younger man challenges him. Sean grabs him and pulls him close, their bodies intertwined as they kiss, and Adam tongues the inside of Sean's sweet young bearded mouth. The tension between them electrifying and Sean pushes his house-mate down onto the bed, straddling him as his sorts ride up. Adam sucks on Sean's pierced nipples, exciting Sean who's got a big raging hard-on.Alex sucks Adam's big cut cock, who moans in pleasure encouragingly as he guides his head up and down. Adam flips his lover over onto his smooth stomach and and licks his hairy hole. Sean enjoys every second of the deep rimming before he's mounted and Adam plunges deep into his ass. Sean lifts himself up and down on Adam's stiff member, and as he's about to cum Adam stops him. Adam slows down his fucking and while his thick dick slowly slides in and out of him, Sean cums as passion and friction increases. Adam finishes with a guttural grunting orgasm as cum splashes onto Sean's taut stomach.

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HotHouse - Monumental Ass

In nothing but tight, white jockstraps, Nick Sterling and Tryp Bates kneel face to face and make out while squeeze each other's bubble butts. Tryp bends over as Nick dives face first into his furry hole. Tryp wants to return the favor so he bends Nick over, spreads his beautiful bubble ass apart, and licks and nibbles. This is extreme, intense rimming - serious ass-eating action. Once they're primed and ready, Nick gets behind Tryp and slides his cock into Tryp's willing hole. Letting out moans and screams of pleasure, Tryp loves the anal pounding Nick's laying down. Changing pace Tryp flips Nick over and rams his cock into Nick for a flip-fuck session full of deep hole-stretching action. Nick gets pounded so hard he spews his warm load all over his abs, and Tryp pulls out just in time to shoot his load all over Nick's muscled ass.

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