Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 7

BOYS-SMOKING - Dobie Smoking Menthols

22 year-old smooth Dobie lights up his Marlboro Menthol Ultra Lights and hauls hard. Amazing inhales and exhales and he shoots a big load!

BOYS-SMOKING - Shane Goes Live!

Come relax with Shane at home - He's got his cigs and a porno, who could ask for more!

BOYS-PISSING - Innocent Looking Blake Stone Is Really Kinky

Blake Stone may look all sweet and innocent but this adorable boy proved to Boys-Pissing right off the bat that he's quite naughty. Which is just the way we like our lads to be. He pissed right into his mouth and loved the taste and feel of it. We don't know if this was Blake's first time engaging in such naught behavior but he took to it like a duck out of water. Of course, it wasn't water he was covered in by the end of his shoot!

BOYS-PISSING - Damon Archer and Jimmy Roman Poolside Wet Fuck

SOAKING in hot piss! Piss loving twink Damon Archer guzzles down 5 loads of piss from buff stud Jimmy Roman throughout this poolside piss romp! Damon gets his hungry hole eaten and soaked with hot piss too before his friend sinks that boner into him and rams him deep, it's enough to have any dick spewing

BOYS-PISSING - Alex Strauss Pisss On His T-shirt

Alex Strauss is one of our newer kinky lads at Boys-Pissing and this muscular twink sure loves piss fun. We didn't know what to expect from him when he showed up but he ended up pissing all over his own t-shirt. Alex has a fantastic body and a really nice cock, too. So watching him piss all over his shirt is a very kinky and erotic event. He looks fantastic in white briefs as well!

BOYS-PISSING - Jimmy Roman Piss & Stroke

Buff and horny Jimmy Roman hops in the shower and pisses his boxerbriefs! After he soaks his undies, Jimmy goes to work, stroking on his big uncut cock until he busts his nut all over his stomach! After he shoots his load, Jimmy unloads another hot stream of piss all over himself to wash away the semen.


18 year-old "bad boy" Tomy strips down and hauls back on Marlboro lights while he strokes his cock. This smooth tattooed cocky stud loves to chainsmoke while he jerks off and we loved watching him do it! You will too!

BLAKEMASON - Casper Ellis & Tyler Jenkins Tyler Owns Casper In A One-Sided Fuck

Tyler enjoys taking control. The handsome and hung stud leads the meeting with horny Casper, feeding him that big uncut cock, fucking his mouth and then cramming it into his tight smooth young ass. He's in complete control, fucking him doggy and then pinning him to the bed to use his hole. He really hits the spot when he gets Casper on his back and prods at his prostate, making him wank out his load over himself before pulling out and squirting his own juice all over Casper's face! If you love big loads to finish a fuck you need to see this.

BOYNAPPED - Ashton Bradley & Skyler Dallon Tormented Twink Skyler!

Ashton loves taking control, especially when his subject is a smooth young naked twink like Skyler. The boy has been stripped and chained to a makeshift playpen, a collar around his neck. Starting with some flogging from the master he's then make to fuck himself with his fingers while Ashton enjoys the show, soon proceeding to massive toys that the twink bottom can seemingly take with some skill! Blindfolded and throbbing with the need to cum Ashton helps him out with some pressure in all the right places!

JOESCHMOEVIDEOS - Brian Younger & Chris Str8 Chris Is Hungry For Cock!

We never thought we'd see Chris taking a dick in his ass, but then we never thought we'd see him hungrily sucking on Brian's big uncut cock either! The guy is looking a little more muscular these days, and he's obviously more adventurous than before when he grabbed Brian's boner and jerked him to a cum load. He takes it raw and deep, before both empty their balls with some final jerking.

STRAIGHTNAKEDTHUGS - Lil B And His Thick Hairy Dick

Lil B needed some cash and he stopped by and asked if we wanted to take some photos of him jerking out his cum load. He'd been saving his cum in his nuts all day and really needed to bust a nutt. Of course we were happy to see him and get this gallery together, he did a nice job showing off his hairy dick and giving us some cum to enjoy!

STRAIGHTNAKEDTHUGS - Hairy Hunter Unloads His Big Balls

Hunter started a new job recently, and he's been going wild a girl he works with. He came over to bust a nutt after nursing his boner all day, releasing his big hairy cock and those huge balls from his pants, jacking his meat and working his shaft until this swinging nuts are pumping out shots of hot straight boy cum over his knuckles!

TOEGASMS - Kelly Cooper & Shane Allen Hot Jock Kelly Serviced

Sexy Shane can't resist the gorgeous sight of hung straight jock boy Kelly. He starts with his feet, licking and sucking them as he strips and plays with his own cock, then it's on to the guys big uncut cock as he deep throats it and makes the straight boy writhe. Jacking out his own cum over the straight guys feet, sliding his cock between the toes and tasting his own semen, he gets Kelly off and takes a big load of cum in his mouth!

ZACKRANDALL - Adam Hess Hung Adam Enjoys Vibe Action

Adam loves to play with toys, he has masturbators, cock rings and lots of lube, and now he has something extra special to enjoy. His new vibrating cock ring gets his long uncut cock throbbing in his jerking fist while he strokes his cock to porn, furiously beating his meat as the bullets work his shaft and balls until his cum is pumping from his dick over his abs!

I was very happy when these amazing looking footballers entered the shower room. They don't realise that I'm watching and filming them through a hole in the wall and showing me a great view of their asses and dicks.

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Ruggerbugger have photos of English gymnast Louis Smith showing off his pert ass cheeks and bulge.

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EricDeman has a hot new home movie of someone filming his buddy naked in the shower. The sexy young guy takes his time washing his cock and under his foreskin. He shows off simulating wanking and laughing. See thousands more amazing videos of exposed men at EricDeman!

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Blonde blue eyed hetero Edward finds himself naked and hanging from a tree at BreederFuckers. Toby is bent on humiliating the straight cunt and causing him sexual pain. He cling film wraps the breeder, then he exposes young Ed's nipples, cock, balls and asshole for a seemingly endless round of torments. Poor Ed even has to rub his bare ass against Toby's cock to make his tormentor hard, even while his nipples are in excruciating pain. Toby flogs the poor lad's bare buttocks but this is just a warm up for a severe hiding from the riding crop. Edward cries out for help but no one comes to his aid. He had better do as Toby wants even if that means having his nads attached to a heavy bowling ball, his ass anally invaded by nasty fingers that roger him and then yank the boy around, swinging from a tree.

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At, alone and defeated, feeble sub elliott waits for the arrival of the two snarling Masters Derek and Jack. They arrive wearing work clothes and proceed to smear vehicle grease all over the defeated sub's face. After a busy day, the two Masters are sweaty and smelly so they strip off their clothes to reveal fine bodies which the runt has to lick clean. This excites the tops who pull off more clothes and order the sub to lick clean their cocks as well.

Soon Master Derek has another idea and he smears grease all over the ass of his fellow Master and gets Jack to bend over to reveal his stinking asshole. Elliott has to nuzzle his nose into the Master's stinking crack and rim his hole. This arouses Master Derek who also wants to get some of this attention so he spreads open his legs and orders the sub to deeply rim both of the Masters' holes until they are clean. They finish off by ordering the sub to blow them both and he collapses at the end covered in grease, sweat and shame!

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New at TheCastingRoom, smooth, handsome man Hossam is very proud of his looks and appearance. This hetero has been trying to get into modelling for a long time because he wants to be admired and adored. He’s got a romantic heart without the barest trace of anything kinky. Kissing is what turns on this princely stud the most. Given what little action he’s willing to do, there won’t be many opportunities to cast this straight man. His porn career will probably end here, but we loved capturing the first fully nude video of this manly fucker.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, luckily these men don't know what the law is or what their rights really are, but their businesses are dodgy enough that they don't want to risk any entanglements with the police. So when the collectors claim that they'll call in backup law officers the men submit to anything including having their assholes invasively fingered by the pervy collectors that hold the completely naked men down.

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In the new CFNMTV video, big dumb David has fallen right into Siobhan's trap. The dodgy wiring is wrapped tightly around his wrists - binding him securely and rendering him helpless. Siobhan has stripped him stark naked and is enjoying teasing his naked body. There's nothing he can do except hope she shows him mercy.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, under the guise of performing a required medical examination, Ms Gloria has now stripped Robert Hughes stark naked. And the horny young lad has just sprung a massive erection right in front of her face! The formerly cocky boy is suddenly shy and embarrassed in front of the stern woman and is terrified of what will happen now.

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RagingStallion - Dick Moves

Bravo Delta plays a prank on his asshole boss, Brian Bonds, by sprinkling the seat of the office toilet with apple juice. Thinking he sat in piss, Brian is irate with Bravo and demands he be licked clean. Bravo is quick to obey, and his beard provides an extra tickle when his tongue probes the deep center of Brian's hole. Once Brian's ass is loosened, he offers Bravo his cock, getting a slurping blow job. Bravo sends Brian into vocal overdrive by running his tongue in long sweeps from the tip of Brian's cock to his crack. Bravo gets sucked in return, leaving his dick ready to fuck. He grabs Brian's shoulders and positions his cock. Entry is slow, to give Brian the maximum effect of being plowed by Bravo's fat dickhead. Then all the way out and back in, repeatedly, making Brian's eyes roll in ecstasy. A position change leaves Brian sitting on Bravo's cock, reverse cowboy. He pulls Bravo's cock out of him, cums all over it, then stuffs it back in and rides until Bravo slaps his big round ass as a signal he's about to cum -- right in Brian's open mouth.

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FalconStudios - VIP - After Hours

Studly dance club owner Alex Mecum sees Kyle Kash dancing at a rival club and wants Kyle to come work for him. For a signing bonus, Kyle gets ...Alex. Kyle is impressed by the size of Alex's thick cock, and happy to suck it, with the added flair or running his nose along its length. Alex has a deep, muscular chest with dark fur, and his abs clench and heave due to the tingling in his cock. He pulls Kyle to his feet and grasps his plump, round ass, squeezing his nuts and probing Kyle's hole with his thumb. Alex tells Kyle how beautiful his ass is, inspiring him to kiss it, play with it and rub his cock in the crack. The foreplay leaves Kyle in a state of 'fuck me' delirium that intensifies once Alex begins fucking him. Alex grips Kyle's smooth body so tightly, their flesh almost melds. Kyle writhes, twists and changes position, driven to be penetrated as fully as possible. Bursting with hot spunk, his cum shot reaches his forehead and Alex's travels twice that distance.

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