Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1

BLAKEMASON - Gorgeous Japanese Student Yoshi

Yoshi is something special. This gorgeous and buff Japanese student is traveling the world learning languages. He started out in London to learn English, moved to Barcelona to learn Spanish, and then plans to move to Germany too. He's adorable, adventurous, incredibly sexy and knows how to put on a great show. Enjoy his first visit, rest assured we want to see him in action again after this uncut cock wank o

BLAKEMASON - Leo Starr & Philip Tiger 2 New Guys Fuck Out Some Loads!

Leo and Philip are both new having only appeared in solo wank scenes, but we knew they would be good together. There's clear chemistry as they make out, with Philip becoming the dominant partner as he feeds Leo his big cock. With that hole rimmed out and prepared he eases his long dick into Leo and fucks him in some hot positions, finishing up with his new buddy riding his dick and splashing his cum out over his tight body. Wanking himself off to a cummy finish he unloads in Leo's face!

BOYNAPPED - Ashton Bradley & Lyle Boyce Hole Punishing Toy Play!

Lyle enjoys getting fucked, but nothing could prepare him for the anal assault he's taking from Ashton in this toy play session! He's been stripped naked and tied to the old dirty bed, his hole on show and his cock there to be played with. Ashton wastes little time, wanking his cock and playing with his smooth pucker before ramming it with his toys! Starting off small he works up to some really big toys too, feeding the boy his big uncut cock, frotting their dicks together and fucking him with everything until he's wanking his cum out over Lyle! That boy must have been aching for a while after this!

BOYNAPPED - Tyler Jenkins & Harry Alexander Having His Way With The New Boy

Harry has just arrived but already he's found himself tied down by a couple of the boys ready to be introduced to lucky Tyler. The horny chav has a plan for this slim young man and his veiny cock, wanking him off and sucking on that hooded dick, drinking his precum and tormenting him with molten wax! The poor boy gets covered in it, his cries ignored as Tyler wanks and sucks his cock to make him cum against his will!

STRAIGHTNAKEDTHUGS - Tim Hurley Hairy Handsome And Hung Too

Straight guy Tim admits that he really gets off on stroking his cock in front of other people, and he doesn't care who they are. This is his first time beating his meat in front of a camera, but he was so horny and throbbing right from the start! He gets his big meat out and really plays with it, showing it off and giving us some great views before laying back and squirting his cum out on the sheets.

TOEGASMS - Veso Barefoot Boner Stroking

He's so good looking and so horny too! Veso is laying on the bed and showing off his bare feet, teasing us and tempting us in as he gets hornier and hornier. His briefs are soon bulging, his uncut cock soon out in his stroking hand as he displays his sexy toes and makes us wish we were there to suck on them while he jerks out his cum load. Finishing up with some jizz tasting he has us all wanting to taste it too!

TOEGASMS - Honza Barefoot With A Big Uncut Cock

He's so horny, so sexy and so ready to show off his naked feet and shoot a cum load from his thick uncut cock! Honza really enjoys showing off, slowly stripping his feet and displaying them, then getting his meaty cock out and sliding that foreskin back. He's soon hard and wanking it, aiming his cock at his bare foot and splashing it with his cum shot!

TOEGASMS - Jarrod Prince Jarrod Teases And Strokes

Sexy young twink Jarrod takes his time, showing off his sneakers and then his dirty socks, sliding them off to show us his feet and those totally suckable toes. His cock is soon out in his jerking hand as we hover around his feet and he enjoys a good jerk off, squirting his cum over his smooth body.

ZACKRANDALL - Jizzy McBone Jizzy Busts A Hot Nutt!

Jizzy is feeling real horny, putting on a live show and working his cock for the fans. His hairy hole looks so tempting, he knows you want to fuck him so bad. He jacks his hard cock and dumps his cum out all over his amazing abs, but just when you think it's over a guest arrives to eat up his hot load and suck his cock clean for him


At SneakyPeek, this handsome footballer wanders into the changing room which I'm filming through a tiny hole in the wall. Check out his ass and cock which he has no idea that I'm capturing on video.

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Ruggerbugger has photos of American linebacker Brandon Spikes showing off his cock and naked body.


When a hot naked sports team decides to celebrate there should always be a camera filming it! EricDeman has a new video of this group of sportsmen singing and dancing in nothing but their footy shorts or tight-fitting wet underwear. Especially impressive is when they thrust their crotches at each other in jubilant excitement!

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At BreederFuckers, hetero Scotty has taken sexual pleasure for himself without his new owners’ permission. This straight champion athlete needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around him and his own selfish desires. He now exists only for the sexual pleasure of men who want to use his strong masculine body. His insatiable cock is put on a leash and tied to the wall. He’s restrained in place with his arse pointed upward ready for punishment. Time for a sound caning to make his big muscular arse cheeks glow red. Lashing his arse makes him bum so sensitive that every whip of the cane causes him tremble and howl in protest. Now that he’s been beaten into submission he’s primed to fucked. The men take turns screwing the bent angry sportsman showing him that their pleasure is all that matters.

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At BrutalTops, stripped to the waist, masculine Master Jurgis appears along with psychotic schoolboy Lucas to continue mistreating pathetic sub peter. The two Masters order the sub to lick clean their stinking armpits and this he does obediently by lapping up every bead of sweat.

The Masters strip and their rapidly hardening cocks are pounded into the back of peter's mouth before they can be held back no longer and the nude sub is ordered to bend over so that snarling Jurgis can pound his meaty dick deep into his arse. The groaning sub is powerless to prevent the Masters from spit-roasting him and treating him like a worthless spunk whore. Lucas demands to get full access to the worm's hole so the Masters spin the runt around and he ploughs in his huge dick.

All the time, the sub is complaining about the treatment he is receiving but to no avail - the Masters continue relentlessly with their harsh fucking.

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At TheCastingRoom, Kevin has never experienced sex with a man, but he’s a complete professional who understands it’s not about his desire but the action which is required. There’s work with good money for male on male action. Kevin reasons since girlfriends have done everything that can be done to him it won’t feel that different with a man. But before committing to using him we need to make sure he can actually follow through doing the action required. Kevin passes with flying colours. He even grows a big thick boner as soon as his pants come down and his cock gets sucked. It’s satisfying making this big tattooed daddy become so strongly aroused. His dick pulses even more feeling his tight anus being rimmed. When he’s getting fucked it’s exciting to see this hetero take the initiative to stroke his own cock while being penetrated. He moans while his hole is stretched wide open. All this stimulation leads to a big gooey drop of precum coming out of the tip of his dick. He gets his own back fucking Adrian. Kevin may say it’s just for the cash, but this big fella has a good time with his second experience in the casting room.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net, raised under strict protective care in his wealthy family, Tarquin was always taught his body is a temple. No one has been allowed to see this pristine boy fully exposed until now. The authoritative figures guide him through his physical examination feeling his silky foreskin slide back, sucking his big healthy balls and fingering his tight virgin-pink asshole. Tarquin is overwhelmed having his privates so insistently handled.

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At CFNMTV.com, it's important the students learn as much as they can about farming techniques so they'll be able to answer the questions on their worksheets. They make their way into the barn expecting another boring lecture on some piece of farm equipment or other. But their eyes widen in surprise when they see the hunky farmhand trussed up next to Ms Murphy.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At CFNM.net, in a posh apartment two men have been tricked into stripping down naked. Two wicked women have made these men surrender control. Jack Cheshire and the pizza delivery boy have no choice but to obey the superior women. Their manly naked bodies are compared and their cocks are teased till they are erect! The men are very nervous and embarrassed being pitted against each other.

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FalconStudios - VIP - After Hours

Addison Graham wants to be the pole on the stage where Sebastian Kross is dancing. He slips $100 into Sebastian's briefs, which earns him the right to sniff Sebastian's nuts, then hook up after hours in the VIP lounge. That's fine with Addison, whose wad of crispy Benjamins earns him nonstop action. Sebastian tears off Addison's clothes while they make out, and Addison never lets go of Sebastian's fat cock. Except for Sebastian's sprawling colorful tattoos, their smooth, muscular bodies are well matched, and both have dark wavy hair. Still holding Sebastian by the cock, Addison pulls it into his mouth. Sebastian swivels and sways as if he were still on stage, turning so Addison can eat his ass, too. Fully horned up to fuck, Sebastian sucks Addison briefly then drives his cock into him, doggy style. More positions follow, with the pile of bills growing thinner and both men getting a sensuous body workout. Without warning, cum flows from Addison's cock. Sebastian sprays his load all over Addison's drenched torso as Addison grabs him by the dick one more time to lap up the final drops.

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RagingStallion - Fuck Yeah!

Caleb King and Adam Ramzi sit naked, making out and jacking each other's hard dicks. Caleb begs for more every time Adam teases his pierced nipples. Both men are just the right amount of furry, lean and athletic. Caleb eagerly services Adam's perfect dick like a master of cocksucking. His efforts get a satisfied grin and a 'good boy' pat on the cheek from Adam. Wanting to satisfy him just as much, Adam kneels to give Caleb an aggressive wet blow job. He stares up at Caleb while he strokes in and out of his mouth, telling Caleb it's a different hole Adam wants stroked. Now! Caleb goes for it. He wants Adam's ass, so he's quick to get his big dick in Adam's hot hole. Hooking a long leg over Caleb's shoulder, Adam barks orders like a top, inciting Caleb to fuck him harder and rougher and moaning 'Fuck Yeah!' Adam reasserts dominance in a nimble position change that puts Caleb on his lap and Adam's cock in Caleb's hole. Now, Caleb takes charge of the fuck, ensuring that Adam's cock hits his sweetest spots. Caleb's hefty orgasm leaves both their thighs dripping with hot cum. Adam stands and feeds Caleb his tasty seed.

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