Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5

NextDoorBuddies - His Crown Jewels

Brenner Bolton has a repuatation for his work as a tattoo artist, so when Alexander Gustavo saunters into his shop with a recommendation, Brenner takes Alexander for a cool guy. As they go over the details for what Alexander would like to have done, Brenner notices his lean body and nice, tight ass. When Alexander lets slip that he is low on cash, Brenner assumes Alexander is familiar with Brenner's alternative payment system, and slips his hand between Alexander's legs, fingering his taint. Alexander shoots off the table in shock, and Brenner seems confused. Apparently Alexander wasn't aware of how things are done around here, but upon hearing the offer- unlimited tattoos for a little bit of extra 'attention'- Alexander finds himself contemplating something he never thought he'd do. Moments later, Alexander is back at the table, as Brenner slowly begins to fondle his cock. Alexander proves hard as a rock, especially for someone contending to not be interested, and Brenner just smiles with a knowing look on his face as he devours his customer's cock. Alexander closes his eyes as Brenner works his dick better than any woman ever has, and little by little, he realizes that Brenner is doing him more than one favor here, so when Brenner asks him to reciprocate, Alexander finds himself strangely into it, falling to his knees as he begins to suck Brenner off. Brenner guides him through the process and Alexander does really well for his first time, but what Brenner really wants is some of that hard cock, so he advises Alexander to bend him over the table and fuck him silly, which is definitely more than Alexander bargained for, but definitely something he can get into, as he pounds and prods Brenner's ass with reckless abandon, fucking the cum out of Brenner before jizzing all over himself. As they clean themselves up, Alexander realizes he's going to be covered in ink in no time.Enjoy!

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IconMale - Schoolboy Fantasies 3

Brandon Wilde is sitting down for an afternoon study session when a surprise knock at the door interrupts him. It's Wolf Hudson, who's come by to check on the sound system at Brandon's mother's request. Brandon is suspicious. His mother never told him her stereo was having issues, but Wolf convinces him to let him inside to take a look. Brandon's suspicions are confirmed a few moments later by text. He asks him to leave, but the conversation turns creepily sinister as Wolf reveals that he's been stalking him for a long time, watching him and thinking about kissing him. Reaching up, Wolf caresses the boy's face but as Brandon fights, Wolf pushes his down onto the couch. His hands feel the schoolboy's toned body through his uniform, and Brandon increasingly relents. Letting him get seduced buy his stalker, getting flipped over on top and stripping him slowly of his clothes. Brandon grinds his ass on the front of Wolf's pants, before unzipping them to discover the huge throbbing uncut cock within. He teases the dick, sucking on Wolf's foreskin. Wolf lays down next to the boy, stealing his kisses before leading his warm mouth back to his cock. Wolf pushes Brandon down, licking his boy hole and playing with Brandon's stiff cock from behind. In heaven, Brandon pulls Wolf's face deeper into him, fucking Wolf's face with his ass. Brandon sucks on Wolf's dick, his hand working the pole like a stripper on Saturday night. Pulling Brandon on top of him, Brandon bounces op and down on his thick dick. Leaning Brandon over the couch, Wolf drives his throbbing cock into the college boy's ass, who thrusts back into him, eagerly. Licking his lips in pleasure as wolf caresses his smooth body. Brandon is once more flipped onto his back and as Wolf fucks him, he cums all over his stomach. It's not long after Brandon cums that Wolf pulls him close and puts himself over the edge, blowing his load onto Brandon's stomach as they make out.

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MaleReality - Gay Massage #03

Always be gentle when giving your buddy a massage, this way he'll be gentle when giving it to your butthole.

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BOYS-PISSING - Hoyt Jaeger Pisses His Blue Briefs

Fans of pissed soaked underwear will love this Boys-Pissing photo shoot starring Hoyt Jaeger! He's a very kinky Euro twink that loves the feeling of wet, pissed drenched briefs. We have to say that we love his personal fetish and taking photos of him engaging in it was a blast. Hoyt got to so turned on that he had to jerk off right afterward. He ended up with cum in crotch, along with piss!

BOYS-PISSING - Kaleb Scott and Jeremiah Johnson

Piss loving Kaleb Scott gets on his knees and Jeremiah Johnson pisses in several drinking glasses. Caleb guzzles down Jeremiah's hot yellow piss one glass after another and straight out of jeremiah's big cock too. Then jeremiah hold two glasses and kaleb pisses in those and one more. Jeremiah pours the piss into Kaleb's thirsty mouth. In all Kaleb chugs down 6 glasses of piss and then goes to work sucking on Jeremiah's big thick cock. Jeremiah sucks Kaleb's uncut cock as well and then Kaleb slides down and rides Jeremiah shooting his load all over his abs and then wiping it up and eating it all! Jeremiah fills up another two glasses of piss which Kaleb drinks one down while Jeremiah jerks off and Jeremiah shoots a huge load in the other glass of piss which Kaleb drinks up!

BOYS-PISSING - Wesley Marks & Preston Ettinger Wesley Marks Fucks Preston Ettinger Bareback

Wesley Marks and Preston Ettinger really get into one another in this HOT Boys-Pissing shoot. Wesley is the stud here, with Preston riding his cock on the shower floor and ending up with a cream pied ass. Then they share some pissing fun. The only liquid running in this shower is their piss, which completely soaks them as they release their streams onto one another!

BOYS-PISSING - Marcus Mojo First Taste of Piss

Gorgeous muscle boy Marcus Mojo tries his own piss for the first time! Marcus hops up on the counter and pisses in his underwear and in the sink and then strokes his hard cock, moaning and squirming while he works on his meat. After stroking for a while, Marcus takes another piss and this time he aims for his mouth and tastes his own piss for the first time! Turned on by the taste of his piss, he shoots a hot load all over his stomach and chest and then tastes another stream of his hot piss!

BOYS-PISSING - Puppy Jerks Off and Pisses In The Shower

They call him Puppy and while we at Boys-Pissing don't know why, it doesn't matter. All we know is that this funky hair-doed dude has a great body, dirty mind and loves to jerk off and piss in front of our cameras. It didn't take long for Puppy to get a rock hard erection going and start beating off - with no direction from us at all. After cumming he released a nice streaming load of piss onto himself which flowed back down into the bathtub drain!

BOYSONTHEPROWL - Matt Mac, Stephan Black & Deacon Hunter Decorating The Twink Decorator

Twink decorator Matt is duped into getting in the back seat with Deacon and new gorgeous boy Stephan, but he gets more than he expected! It turns out the twink is one greedy cock sucker, and his ass is ready for a pounding too. Deacon and Stephan take turns to slam him, and new boy Stephan gets plenty of cock inside him too before their new bitch boy gets splashed in loads of cum and dumped at the side of the road!

BOYS-SMOKING - James & Michael Sipos Euro Smokers

Smooth chainsmoking euro boys Michael and James fire up their smokes and hop in bed to swap smoke, suck each other's horny uncut cocks and more! Blonde Michael loves smoke fucking, and he loves to get drilled hard...and James is happy to deliver! Smoking the whole time, James puts his entire 9 incher deep in Michael's hungry ass!

BOYS-SMOKING - Ian Maddrox Smoke & Stroke Outdoors

Skater stud Ian Maddrox finds an abandoned shack and some straight porn mags. Ian lights up and smokes hard while he strokes his big straight cock until he shoots his load on his stomach!


Give Devon a pack of smokes, a bed, a butt plug and an old jock strap & he's sure to make us all happy! (Nice haircut too!)

BOYS-SMOKING - Chain & Benz Johanssen

Hot straight smoker Chain introduces us to his shy but totally hot smoke bud Benz. The boys smoke side by side and when Chain finally starts stroking his cock, Benz loosens up and strips totally naked for a buddy smoke and stroke session!

BOYS-SMOKING - Mike Roberts & Tristan Matthews Mike Does Tristan

Buff and gorgeous Tristan Matthews and Mike Roberts kick back and have a few smokes but can't resist gettin it on! Tristan sucks Mike's thick uncut cock before he hops on for the ride of his life! (192 photos)

BOYS-SMOKING - Southern Twink Kevin

Cute southern twink Kevin strips down, smokes a few cigs and dildo's his ass. (no cumshot)

BLAKEMASON - Nickie Smiles Say Hello To Cute Nickie

Intelligent and cute Nickie is a fit young man from a slightly rural area, interested in making porn after watching plenty of it in his younger years. The confident young man loves the outdoors, and he loves sex too, obviously. While he looks quite innocent we discover he's actually quite daring and adventurous. Enjoy his first wank show and stick around for more!

BLAKEMASON - Stephan Black & Nathan Hope Fit Nathan Goes Real Deep!

Stephan and Nathan make a fucking hot pairing, and we knew they would from the moment we saw it on paper. The guys are so passionate for each other while kissing, but when those cocks are out and they're sucking each other deep you know it's going to be an amazing fuck! Nathan knows how to get his cock deep in a guys arse, using plenty of positions and long strokes as he plunges in and out. Pulling out and furiously wanking himself off he dumps a hot load all over Stephan's lower back, then fingers his buddy to get him off too! What a helpful lad!

BOYNAPPED - Ashton Bradley & Nathan Hope Roped Down And Used As A Fuck Toy

Handsome Nathan has been stripped and restrained ready for someone to use, and lucky Ashton is the one to find him first. Of course he needs an arse to fuck, but not before he's licked it, sucked the hung slave and fingered his pucker. Rammed from behind with every hard inch Ashton has our fuck slave gets a reward, fed that juicy boner and then splashed with semen! Ashton's not quite done yet, there's molten wax to drip over the used hunk!

BOYNAPPED - Sebastian Kane & Cameron James The Master Gets Back To Spanking!

Cameron is the latest boy to experience the punishing antics of Master Sebastian! The naked boy is cuffed and restrained in a standing position to start, his plump arse spanked and beaten over the masters knee before being suspended upside down for some flogging! With his dick sucked and wanked and his arse painfully sore he's made to cum a warm load for the guys!

STRAIGHTNAKEDTHUGS - Kenneth Slayer Red Headed Boner Stroking

Kenneth is still new to all of this but the straight guy discovered something about himself in his first jack off - he really enjoys showing off his dick knowing you're all jerking off watching him! He gives us a great show in this long cock stroking solo, laying back on the bed and really working his long stiff dick until his straight guy cum is making a mess!
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