Thursday, March 31, 2016

BOYS-PISSING - Marke, Chain & Justin Teaching Chain A Lesson

Justin and Chain fell asleep in the same bed but Justin woke up when Chain wet the bed...the fun begins when Justin gets buddy Marke from the room and the two decide to teach Chain a pissing and cumming on him while he sleeps! What they don't know is...Chain was awake and loving it...when the two leave the room, Chain strokes one off while he lays in their hot piss and cum!

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BOYS-PISSING - Sexy Tiger Piss & Stroke

Adorable young Tiger loves to stroke his cock in the shower, but then again don't all boys? He goes further than that though, stripping down to his blue jockstrap and splashing piss all over the shower. After he lets his piss fly he goes to work on his beautiful thick cock, stroking until he shoots his twink jizz!

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BOYS-PISSING - Ryan Connors, Ayden James, Kayden Daniels & Shane Allen Poolhouse Pissing Orgy!

Slim and smooth Kayden is the gorgeous and incredibly lucky boy getting a hardcore piss drenching when Ayden, Ryan, and Shane have their way with him! Young Kayden takes a soaking, sucks all their hard cocks, gets his hungry hole pounded hard by Ryan and Ayden and then takes another hosing down from those wet dicks too!

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BOYS-PISSING - Kaleb Scott Kaleb's Kind of Shower!

Sexy Kaleb has a lot of piss to get out, and a cum shot too. The boy gets into the shower and starts splashing his urine out in big streams, soaking himself in his own hot mess and getting himself totally turned on. Dripping in his own piss he jerks on his hard cock and pumps out a hot load of jizz!

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