Wednesday, March 2, 2016

STRAIGHTNAKEDTHUGS - Straight Guy Drift Is New

Drift came to us when a friend of his told him he'd been making money shooting cum loads on camera. He was sceptical at first, but he's the kind of straight guy who doesn't have too many limits. He's a pretty handsome guy, a real dope smoking hippy type, a musician some of the time and a factory worker the rest. He has a nice body and a great cock with some lovely low hangers to empty in his debut! Let us know what you guys think of him.

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BOYNAPPED - Ashton Bradley & Yoshi Kawasaki How Much Can This Boy Take?!

Young Yoshi is in the swing and roped up unable to fight back as horny Ashton arrives to use his arse. It's exposed and too tempting for the randy chav to ignore. Fingering and playing with that pucker he gets Yoshi's hole just loose enough for some massive toys, fucking him deep with more than one while he wanks that cock and pinches the boys nipples in clamps. How much fun can he have before the boys cum spews from his cock?

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BOYNAPPED - Sean Taylor & Casper Ellis Beaten & Butt Fucked!

Sean is the lucky boy finding smooth young Casper hanging, secured to the pallet in a a doggy position. The boy wastes little time, playing with Casper's plugged arse, spanking him, then using the flogger to inflict even more pain! Made to suck dick Casper gets a hunger for more, and with the removal of his plug he certainly gets it! Sean climbs up to dominate the boys hole, fucking his smooth arse and making the whole frame rock! With his cum wanked out over those cheeks Sean is finally satisfied, but can't resist a little more flogging before leaving his slave hanging for the next guy.

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BLAKEMASON - Tyler Jenkins & Zach Connors Zach Takes A Pounding Fuck

Of course you knew this pairing was coming! How could we not team up hung and uncut Tyler with inked hottie Zach? The guys clearly have a lot of chemistry, kissing and stripping down, sucking on those delicious tools and getting each other oozing precum. With Tyler's big dick throbbing and Zach's hot hole crying out for it the two get down to business, with Zach riding his new buddy then taking a pounding face-down fucking from the hung stud until both are ready to squirt their loads!

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