Thursday, March 17, 2016

DylanLucas - Homework Help

Dominic's Husband has left him with their stepson Zack for the weekend and Dominic is not too thrilled about it at all. Zack is kind of nosy and constantly following Dominic around the house but he's not wearing much clothing when going about it. Zack is trying to get Dominic to take notice of his young fit body. Dominic tries to get a tan by the pool and Zack shows up and gets naked right next to him making Dominic feel a tad uncomfortable but he does get a few glimpses of his limp cock in the sun. Over the weekend Zack continues to flaunt his body around Dominic until one day Zack asks for help with his homework. Dominic the great stepdad he is helps him out but Zack has other plans. Zack needs help with a sex education class and grabs Dominic's cock. Dominic just wants to help his stepson out in any way he can so he pulls out his hard dick and teaches Zack how to suck a man cock the right way. Dominic dominates this young stud setting him up on the counter legs spread and licking his ass clean while stroking that big young dick. Zack loves every minute of it and wants Daddy Dominic to fuck him and show him how it's done right by a man. Dominic takes the action to the couch where he bends him over and shoves his fat dick in Zacks tight little ass. It's painful at first but Zack warms up quick and before you know it he's riding that thick cock of Dominic's like a pro. Enjoy!

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ActiveDuty - Ivan James, Colton Phobos & John

Well, this is one for the books for a few reasons. First, it's an extremely hot encounter involving 3 amazing recruits. Second, it was unexpected! As you can see, at first Claude was all set to shoot a one-on-one match up with only Colton Phobos and John. But as fate would have it, the incredible Ivan James makes an appearance and cranks the heat up even more. So Claude chats with the boys for a spell, and even before the underwear come off, these soldiers have their hands in each other's briefs. Not long after they're both nude, Colton is taking John's enormous cock deep. Boy, he sure knows how to work a nice, thick slab of meat! I love the lusty looks Colton shoots us while he pleasures John. If you wanna really see Colton show us how much he loves taking girthy cock in his holes, check out his hook up with Ryan Jordan. It's easy to see in his eyes how much he's enjoying himself. John, on the other hand, is, of course, not nearly as loose! After John goes to his knees and enjoys more of Colton's eager sucking, he lays down on his stomach so Colton can show him how good a nice rimming feels. This is when John decides he needs to regroup for a while. I think the intensity of what he was feeling became a little bit much to handle in the moment, and I can't fault this solid recruit for needing to get his wherewithal. And we can all count ourselves lucky he did, because this left the door wide open for -- guess who -- that's right, it's one of our favorite new veterans, Ivan James!Colton doesn't waste too much time before swallowing Ivan's pulsating erection. But that ass of Colton's can't wait too much longer to be fucked, so Ivan gives the little slut exactly what he's craving. From here, we see Ivan slide that hard dick into Colton's tight hole and slam him like a proper soldier should. And my golly, Colton sure does take it well! So well, in fact, that John decides he can't pass up the opportunity to fuck this insatiable bottom. He steps back in and goes through with fucking his first male ass! It turns out to be an incredible moment for everyone in the room. Thing.I don't think I need to say that we certainly have some incredible adventures in store with all three of these boys.

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TOEGASMS - Mike Roberts Hot Str8 Jock Foot Show

He's handsome, he's built, he's straight and he has some sexy jock feet and a great uncut cock to show off for the guys. Mike is chilling out and enjoying the performance as he releases his naked feet to the world, and his big intact cock too. Working his shaft and pleasuring his meat he's soon emptying his balls over himself!

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ZACKRANDALL- Marcus Rivers & Derrick Dickem Straight Boy Gets His First Gay Ass

We knew it wouldn't be too hard to get straight boy Derrick fucking a hot gay hole, and Marcus was the perfect choice. A little chat and cock sucking has Derrick forgetting about his girlfriend, soon taken to the couch ans sucked off, his cock quickly finding its way into Marcus' ass! After fucking that hole and spurting his cum into Marcus' face it's clear Derrick is gonna be down for more.

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