Sunday, March 27, 2016

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, Mark's naivety has landed him in an excruciatingly uncomfortable position. He stands in the glare of spotlights staring down the lenses of the cameras with just his underpants covering his modesty. The presenter appears oblivious to his obvious discomfort. But his classmate Brenda is only too aware and is loving every second as his penis and ass are inspected.

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All his time spent in the gym building up his muscles hasn't prepared Enrico for the manipulative women at CFNMTV. They know how the law works and are using it to their advantage. They want to see if this big hunk can produce a healthy sperm sample so mercilessly tease his penis until he cannot hold back any more...

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, the harder Aiden fights against these men the more it hurts having his tight bumhole split open with their insistent probing. Now they want to make this pretty boy cum. They seize his cock and demandingly tug while stroking his weighty pendulous balls. While they milk him they take more pictures as evidence that he's a slutty cum bucket. Things are going to be very different around the workplace from now on.

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At TheCastingRoom, hetero Ludovic has the body and demeanour of a soldier. But this savvy man knows that he can make more money exposing his ripped body and using his sex drive. It’s like he was born to strip with his thick muscular chest and trim waist with those cut lines leading down to his big pendulous cock. Since he considers sexual contact between men to be unnatural it’s unlikely Ludovic will appear in any more videos, but we are thrilled to be the first to film him arse up and shooting his sperm.

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Introducing to BrutalTops hot new Master Dale who here teams up with snarling Master Yuris to dish out mistreatment to this pathetic worm of a sub.

The suited tops find their sub naked in the toilet, awaiting the damage on it's way. The sub is ordered to strip the tops nude and lick clean their filthy feet. Excited Dale then rams a dildo into the sub's mouth and causes him to ream before he has to lick clean the disgusting urinal.

A dildo mounted on a board is then produced and the sub has to sit on it as the tops take it in turns to piss all over him. With a sub covered in urine, the two vicious Masters get very excited and ram their meaty dicks deep into his mouth. Phew - this is one of Brutal Top's horniest ever sessions!

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Dale is in the most terrifyingly vulnerable position a straight man can be in. Bound spread eagle with his big ass presented in tighty whities so sheer you can see the dark crease of his ass. Derek goes in for a kiss but the proud straight bastard refuses to cuddle. If he won't take man loving he's going to get a real man's punishment. Dale's ass is flogged wildly by his strong armed captor till his ass burns red. His arms desperately struggle to cover his burning sore bum, but he can't do anything to stop the assault.
Derek exposes the sensitive soles of Dale's feet to and goes at them to make the bastard wriggle wildly. It's absolutely agonising not being able to stop his ticklish feet being teased or the persisted spanking to his reddened ass. Dale must be gagged again because he so aggressively shouts and bites his way through his first gag. Dale's fists pound and tighten in his fury. The worst is yet to come. Derek delivers short sharp shocks to Dale's genitals. After more grueling punishment to his feet and ass, Dale feels a real stiff cock plunged into his arching ass. He's vigorously fucked with a fresh load of cum shot all over his battered hole. A buttplug is lubed up with his captor's sperm and rammed up him. This keeps his asshole gaping and ready for more fucking.

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