Monday, March 28, 2016

ActiveDuty - Tyler Seid

Take a look at the handsome on this boy! Wow, what an amazing recruit to have with us on the solo couch this time. Claude has brought us a fine, fresh soldier named Tyler Seid, and it's easy to see he's looking to please and have a good time doin' it!When the jeans and then the boxer briefs come off, we get the full view of Tyler's amazing complexion and, of course, that luscious cock. He's fully hard, stroking like he ain't joking. Claude gets low and tight to show us a sweet view of Tyler's balls. This is just a wonderfully put together soldier. Gorgeous muscle tone, strikingly handsome face...and eyes that seem beyond his years.Then we get a top-down view of the jerking action. Tyler has wonderfully masculine, yet gentle hands. They really look hot with those strong fingers wrapped around that pulsating cock. Tyler gives us a look at his ass in action when he gets into some nice upright pillow fucking. I enjoy when seeing this as a little break from the laying-down pillow fucking. Tyler uses his powerful ass to pump that erect cock into the soft cushioning. What a lovely sight.It all works out great, finishing up with a healthy eruption that even surprised Claude. 'The couch, your chest, your face,' Claude laughs. Let's all get ready for a lot more fun with our new boy, Tyler!

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NextDoorTwink - Emergency Serviced

It's frustrating when your parents are away and your vehicle isn't working properly. Jackson Cooper can't function like a grown up without his car! Luckily, Mom said he could call Triple D whenever he had an issue. Markie More, an authorized Triple D mechanic is arriving to handle the situation and get Jackson's motor more ways than one!When Jackson meets Markie at the door, he can barely keep his jaw from hitting the floor. Markie is HOT! As Markie works to diagnose the problem, Jackson watches through a window from the house. When his cock begins to swell as he imagines sexy scenarios, Jackson squeezes it a bit from outside his tight jeans. When Markie comes in to the house to discuss payment, Jackson is surprised and unprepared for this. His mom said the emergency service would be free, but he didn't count on needing a replacement battery. Jackson sees it as the perfect situation to offer himself to Markie, who fights off the advances at first. But then, in a moment of frustration, Markie decides to give the punk just what he wants. He rips off his work jumper and shoves his hardening cock into Jackson's soft, Twink mouth, fucking the sweet boy's face good for a while.Then Markie bends Jackson over for a taste of that tender hole. Once it's nice and wet, Markie slides his pulsating erection deep into that eager ass. Jackson takes the mechanic's hard pounding as he laughs to himself about the serendipity of the afternoon. They move to a comfortable chair where Jackson sits on Markie's fat dick and takes a wild ride, letting his own cock spin like a propeller. And before Markie gets back into his coverall and gathers his clipboard and keys, he's slamming Jackson's tight ass up against the couch, just before erupting warm ooze all over the young adult's face. I think they might wanna keep this call OFF THE BOOKS!

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Maskurbate - Under Watchful Eyes

I hired hot stud Ricky to paint my bathroom. He's very handy so I was pretty confident that he would do a good job. Nevertheless, since I had to leave, I let him know that I would be watching his every move through the security camera. He made sure I was pleased with every inch of his progress...

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DylanLucas - Dreaming of Mr. Foster

Cameron is just getting out of his car when he sees a longtime friend Nate walking right by. He stops Nate and they have a small chat about hanging out some time again and having Cameron's wife make dinner for them. Nate loves the idea and begins to day dream as he hears Cameron saying he wants his tight ass. Nate than goes into dream state thinking of how great it would be to suck on that sexy cock of his. Next you know it Nate is dreaming and on his knees servicing Cameron in more ways than one. Cameron even sucks on Nate's lovely hard dick as they both enjoy each other's naked bodies. Cameron is really eager to fuck that cute ass so he bends him over the couch and goes deep inside Nate's small hole pushing balls up against his ass. Cameron pounds that tight ass pulling his cock out and back in multiple times until he pushes Nate onto the ground and throws his legs high up in the air and goes deep and hard. Nate loves to call Cameron Daddy as he is being used fucked across the floor. Finally they cuddle up on the couch and stroke each other off unleashing their built up loads. Just like that Nate snaps right back into reality as Cameron is confused as to where his mind went. The two walk off together talking about dinner. Enjoy!

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FalconStudios - Tahoe Snowbound

Ryan Rose wakes up from his nap to find Kevin Blake gazing eagerly at his naked body. Ryan's chiseled abs and cum gutters are like arrows pointing to his massive cock, which Kevin is eager to service. Sinking to his knees, Kevin goes to work, sucking tenderly on Ryan's fat meat. Ryan explores Kevin's smooth bubble butt, first with his fingers, then with his tongue. Flipping Kevin over, Ryan exposes Kevin's beefy member and wraps his lips around it. Saliva glistens as Ryan sucks on Kevin's balls and deepthroats his cock. Standing on top of the bed, Ryan's hand guides Kevin's mouth back onto his cock for more head. Geysers of cum erupt from Ryan's dick, streaking across Kevin's cheeks and into his mouth. As he swallows Ryan's load, Kevin releases his own blast, and they embrace again for a passionate kiss.

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