Thursday, April 7, 2016

FISTING TWINKS - Timmy Pig Hole, Master Spike, Sky Wine & Bo Pig Takes Two Fists In His Hole

He's in desperate need, his man cunt has been crying out for some stretching and only his buddies know how to treat his hole. He's so horny for it as they lube up and ease in the first toy, but soon that massive dildo isn't enough! With dicks being jerked and sucked his hole takes two fists up it, satisfying his needs, for now!

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FISTING TWINKS - Timmy Pig Hole, Master Spike, Kendoll Mace & Seth Tyler Seth Tyler & Kendoll Mace Get Caught

A couple horny young twinks sneak into a building to make out and swap blowjobs. When they're caught by two daddies, they've got a choice: have the cops called on them... or service the daddies however they want! These daddies are real nasty pigs, too, and after making the boys suck their cocks, Piggie Tim wants a slick fist up his ass! One of the boys lubes up his fist, sinking it easily into the daddy's loose hole. Soon enough, he's elbow deep and got the daddy moaning, but it's not until the other Master Spike steps in that we see a huge rosebud!

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BOYS-PISSING - Cain & Jessie Piss Sex

Straight boy Cain hoses down young Jessie and lets him suck his rock hard cock too! They stroke each other's cocks and Cain shoots a HUGE load all over Jessie's abs. Then, after they piss all over each other in the shower, Cain sucks Jessie until he unloads a big load in Jessie's mouth and they both piss all over each other once more!

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BOYS-PISSING - Kaleb Scott Kaleb Pissin In The Pool

Kaleb decided to relax totally naked in the pool. When he gets thirsty he fires a hot stream of piss right into his mouth and then strokes his uncut cock floating on a raft in the pool. After a long stroke session in the sun Kaleb shoots his load and eats it before drinking another hot load of piss!

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