Tuesday, April 12, 2016

BOYNAPPED - Tyler Jenkins & Nickie Smiles Tyler Uses A New Mouth!

New boy Nickie has been left as a gift for horny Tyler, naked and chained up. The shaved boy is already horny, enjoying the sight of hung Tyler as he arrives. His attitude soon changes when Tyler goes from wanking him to pegging his balls with tight little pinchers, then bends him backwards over the makeshift swing to fuck his throat and cum in his face!

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BOYS-SMOKING - Ayden James & London Lane London & Ayden Smoking Boner

London & Ayden meet up in the kitchen late one night and share a smoke, but that's not all these boys are craving! Their dicks are twitching with anticipation as they breathe in the clouds of smoke and grope each other, their mouths soon occupied with cigarettes and each others stiff boner too! Smoking and sucking in the kitchen late at night, what could be better?

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BOYS-PISSING - Bunny Soils His Shirt With Cum and Piss

Bunny showed up for this Boys-Pissing shoot ready to go and he sure put on a great show. With his huge, uncut cock rock hard from the get-go he set about jerking off, shooting a load and releasing his pent up piss all over himself. Which means his shirt was completely soiled by the time he was done getting off. Bunny turned out to be kinkier than we thought and we love him for it!

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FISTING TWINKS - Damian Blue & Pappi Damian Opens Up Pappi's Hole

After Pappi cleans up the pool, he and Damian get introduced. Sexy young Pappi is very curious to get fisted, but of course it requires some practice! Damian is happy to work him open, working four slick fingers into the other boy's tight hole. He doesn't quite get a fist inside him this time, but the two suck and stroke until they cum!

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BOYNAPPED - Sean Taylor & Casper Ellis A Huge Load From A Hard Twink Cock!

Casper is naked and hooded, sitting alone out in the sun waiting for someone to either rescue him or use him. He hates waiting, but his prayers are answered somewhat when horny and hung Sean arrives to make use of the boys mouth and cock. He wastes little time feeding the boy his hard dick, fucking his mouth and leaking precum into his throat. Clearly the boy needs some wanking too, and Sean is more than happy to enjoy the feel and taste of that big twink shaft as he strokes and licks him. With more mouth fucking Sean is getting close, but he wants to see that boys big cock erupting before he pumps his own load out. Wanking Casper hard and fast he finally makes the boy spew his seed, and there's so much of it! All that cum flooding out has Sean needing to unload straight away, right in the boys face!

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