Thursday, April 28, 2016

BOYNAPPED - Ashton Bradley & Chris Jansen Chris Gets A Chav Cum Load

Ashton discovers sweet young blond boy Chris in a very difficult position. The poor twink has been stripped naked and tied to some long sticks out in the hills, left there ready to be used by whoever finds him. Thankfully it's Ashton who gets to play with the captive, he knows how to use a boy properly! After using the flogger on the slave he produces a blowtorch, something that Chris is instantly worried about of course. Thankfully (or perhaps not) a large candle follows and Ashton finds an ingenious way to get his hot wax fun going out in this remote location. With the boy being face fucked as Ashton feeds him his long and hard dick Chris gets hot wax dripped all over him, but with Ashton's cum load rising he's about to get a treat. The slave boy gets a great load, splashing out right into his face and into his mouth too. The boy doesn't waste it either, choosing to drink his load rather than spit it out. With Ashton pleased with his work he give the slave a parting drenching, pissing all over the boy.

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BOYNAPPED - Sebastian Kane & James Lewis Smooth Boy Sucked & Edged

Smooth young James has been used a few times now, but master Sebastian is taking it back to basics with this cock edging. The naked boy is restrained to the cross, his floppy cock wanked and sucked, his naked skin massaged with oil and his cum finally drained from his balls in a messy jack off that leaves him totally satisfied!

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BOYS-SMOKING - Dustin Fitch Dustin Chainin Menthols

Smokin hot Menthol chaining Dustin Fitch is back stroking his super thick cock and haulin hard on his Marlboros until he shoots his thick white load on his smooth stomach!

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BOYS-PISSING - Lil B Pisses and Cums In The Toilet

Lil B is the kind of bad boy who thinks nothing of jerking off while taking a piss in the toilet. It's a good thing we had our cameras set up to capture that action, as we think it's totally hot! Lil B thinks he's a gangster with his cool hoodie, which is another thing we find sexy about him. He acts all straight and bad ass and here he is pissing and jerking off until the cums in front of a bunch of male perverts. Kinky lad!

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FISTING TWINKS - Sky Wine & Compression Boy Punished by Tickling

Compression Boy, as we call him, has been a rude, disrespectful little sub. After breaking his Dom's rules, he's punished by bondage and tickling. Sky makes sure this sub is bound and helpless before making him scream around his ball gag with laughter. After the tickle torture, Compression Boy is lucky enough to be jerked off.

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