Wednesday, May 18, 2016

EURO BOY XXX - Drake Law & Cody Banks

We all thought handsome and fit young Drake was all about getting a length of hard dick up his arse, but it turns out that when he gets the chance to slide his stunning cock into a great hole like the one sweet Cody has he's more than willing! The boys share their perfectly pink hooded dicks with each other as they get those clear juices flowing, then it's down to the real hot work as Drake slides his shaft into his new buddy and fucks him deep, all the way to some wanked out cum shots!

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EURO BOY XXX - Danny Montero & Scott West Danny Montero & Scott West

Danny is a great guy willing to get on a plane for a good fuck on video, so we knew that he had to be teamed up with the perfect bottom. Scott couldn't wait to taste that bisexual boys cock, getting his own delicious length licked and sucked in return too of course. The boys really have some genuine lust for each other as they suckle on those dicks, but the fucking Scott takes as he gives his arse up for the bi boy to plunder really does the trick. After getting his cum fucked out of him Scott gets a hot mess of juice wanked out over his spent dick!

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EURO BOY XXX - Aaron Aurora & Joey Wood Aaron Aurora & Joey Wood

When Aaron is feeling horny no boy is safe, but that's fine by Joey! He's the one in the room when the twink bottom starts demanding cock up his tight young hole, and of course he's more than willing to share his. The boys start with an appetizer of cock sucking, a delicious sight to watch, then it's down to the real business of getting those cum shots splashing as Aaron gets his perfect young pucker filled with young dick!

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BOYNAPPED - Ashton Bradley & Danny Montero Made To Squirt His Cream

In the dimly lit corner of the dungeon Danny has been prepared. His smooth and sexy body lays naked on the massage table, secured in place by tight ropes. It's a delicious sight, one that prowling Ashton can't possibly ignore. He arrives and begins exploring, slowly at first, feeling the boys trembling flesh under his fingers as he gropes his arse and explores the tip of his cock between his legs. Turning him over Ashton has full access to that lovely slave boys dick, floppy at first but getting a little harder as he wanks and sucks him. He tastes delicious as he unwillingly leaks precum for Ashton. It has our chav so horny he can't stop himself, wanking the boys hard dick and furiously stroking his own, rubbing their cocks together and finally making Danny's shaft throb and convulse as jets of hot cum spew out over him! Of course, Ashton loves to see the control he has over his slave, seeing all that semen flying soon has him splashing out his own mess all over the boy!

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