Wednesday, May 25, 2016

ZACK RANDALL - Derrick Dickem How Far Can Derrick Squirt?

Don't tell Zack, but when his buddy Derrick was staying over he crept into his office to stroke his cock to some hardcore porn and made a mess all over his desk! It's something Zack has done plenty of times himself of course, but he would have loved to have been there to compete with his buddy in a cum squirting challenge. I think we all know who would win that, but the mess horny Derrick squirts out over the desk is still impressive - and has us all making a mess too!

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TOE GASMS - Jase Bionx Skater Boy Boner Stroking

We love it when skater boy Jase stops by, we always know we're gonna get a great show! The fit young guy has been out on his board all afternoon and he's looking for a place to get that dick out. Of course he starts off with some sexy foot work, slipping his sneakers off, then his socks too. Soon his cock is out and being jerked, his jizz pumping from his shaft and making a mess - and he rubs his load into his feet to finish too!

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TOE GASMS - Wiley Hung Boy Barefoot Jerking!

Most fans might agree that Wiley has the most beautiful feet, but he is definitely up against some stiff competition. Still, seeing him getting those gorgeous naked feet out and his big hairy cock too as he jerks off is definitely going to earn him some more points! He's relaxing by the fire on a cold day, enjoying his 8 inch cock, playing with his naked feet and shooting a hot mess of cum too, what more could we ask for?

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - York Reid A Long Slow Stroke Show

York is back to make a little more money and show off his cock stroking skills for the guys, and he really seems to know what he's doing too! He's soon stripping down and showing off that pale and tight body, and that hairy cock. With a little fondling of his floppy cock he's soon getting hard, teasing us with his virgin straight boy butt and stroking that hard dick in a long and slow session until the pleasure becomes too much and his dick starts to spew creamy juice!

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BLAKE MASON - Mickey Taylor & Johannes Lars A Bed Bouncing Butt Fuck!

It's been far too long since we last saw gorgeous dominant boy Mickey in action! We called him up and asked if he wanted to take a shot at fucking pretty boy Johannes and it was an instant yes! Johannes was eager to take that famous dick too of course, he's something of a fan. So here we are, less than a week after that call, and both boys are making out and almost tearing each others clothes off to get at those hard uncut dicks. The boys share some truly amazing cock sucking, with Mickey taking control and getting just a tiny bit aggressive - but Johannes love it! His arse is very willing to take that pounding too though, especially after Mickey slips his tongue between those cheeks. Believe me when I say everyone was hard watching these two fucking, with Mickey pounding that boy on the bed and then getting him over the edge of the mattress into a pile driving position. It did the trick, Johannes squirts his cum out over himself with Mickey in his hole, then he takes a shower of fresh jizz too!

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