Tuesday, June 7, 2016

BOYNAPPED - Sebastian Kane & Jonny Pistol Sweet Twink Drained Of Cum In A Rope Cage

Sweet and smooth young Jonny needs to be taught who's boss, and you know the best one for that is master Sebastian! The boy is naked and hanging in the new rope cage, his arms taped down to his sides and his cock soon standing to attention as he swings back and forth. Horny master Sebastian makes us all jealous as he obscures the boys sight, wanking and sucking on that gorgeous young dick, pleasuring the blindfolded boy with the help of a massager until those slippery hands are making him fire off his hot messy cum in arcs of youthful juice! After being drained of his jizz he's left hanging, probably for one of the other boys to use!

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BOYNAPPED - Mickey Taylor & Chris Jansen Cute Twink Gets His Hole Stretched & Used!

Adorable young Chris has found himself in a rather vulnerable position, his arse framed by a jock strap, his arms tied up as he swings from the rafters at the perfect height for a horny boy to use. And look who arrives, it's dominant inked boy Mickey! You know when he's in the room someone is gonna get their arse owned! And that's exactly what the horny dom boy does, rimming that perfectly smooth pucker, lubing up and fingering him, almost sliding in both his hands as he stretches that tight young pucker and then proceeds to fuck the boy hard and mean until his cock is ready to spurt his load out! Is there anything hotter than seeing a sweet young twink like Chris being used by a boy like Mickey?

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BOYS SMOKING - Sivok & Jaroslav

Hardcore smoking straight boys furry Sivok and horse hung Jarmil light up on the couch and give each other a little stroke, blow smokes on their cocks and suck each other's cocks. Jarmil's super thick and huge cock blasts a load all over Sivock's face and Sivok blows his load on Jarmil's face!

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BOYS PISSING - Skug Caught Taking A Piss On Camera

Skug was staying at the Boys-Pissing house for a while and we wanted to see how big his cock is and how much piss comes out of it. So of course we set up our camera to get some still shots of it. Skug has a nice, big, flaccid cock and lots of piss shoots out of it. He must have had a lot of beers the night before this as he let go of a lot of yellow liquid. We hope to see much more of Skug!

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