Thursday, June 9, 2016

ZACK RANDALL - Zack Randall Self Sucking In The Garden

Zack is out in the garden tending to his pond when he's unexpectedly distracted by his throbbing uncut cock demanding some attention. Not one to ever refuse his thick uncut meat it's soon out and being licked - yes, he's licking and sucking his own cock! The gorgeous young man puts on quite the show as he leans back right there and gets stroking on his heavy boner, wanking himself off to one of his spectacular cum shots, squirting out all over himself and even getting his own jizz in his eye! A little taste of his semen right from his own foreskin has us all wishing we could do the same.

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TOE GASMS - Drac Barefoot Boner Stroking

I know what you're gonna be imagining when you watch Drac beating his hard dick in this solo... his sexy naked feet are there for licking and those gorgeous toes are pointing for some sucking! He's so into his jerking and as the pleasure builds his toes stick out like tempting little lollipops. The cum gushes from his throbbing dick and his naked feet finally relax.

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TOE GASMS - Jester Teasing Foot Fun With Jerking Boy Jester

We all love seeing a boy like Jester getting his naked feet out, following it with his hard cock, then jerking himself to a cummy finish! Check out the handsome skater boy as he slips off his sneakers, slides off his dirty socks and plays with his bare feet, then reveals his stiff young dick and gets jerking on it, splashing his cum out and wiping his goo on his soles!

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TASTY TWINK - Maxim & Artem Cum Drips From His Ass!

Hung young Artem is preparing something to eat, but his horny young lover Maxim has something far more delicious planned! The two naked young men are soon sucking on those big juicy dicks, but Maxim needs that hole! With his cock easing in deep and slow Artem takes it like a man, fucked right there in the table until he's taking a warm load in his ass! We watch the cum drip from his used hole and finish off with him jerking out a plashing mess of his own!

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