Monday, June 13, 2016

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, Ray is used to getting his way with women. But Nicole and Ashley are immune to his charms. They are used to dealing with men like him and can see right through him. When Nicole offers to assist him with his claim, he has no idea that she and Ashley are already planning his total humiliation. If he knew what was in store he certainly wouldn't be so cocky!

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In the new video at, the excited girls have stripped their first potential candidate and are now washing him down to make sure he's nice and clean for them. They soap up his naked body and are careful to get into every nook and cranny. Their ministrations must be driving their Ivan wild with lust. But he's not allowed to touch the women unless they say so - he is purely there for their pleasure.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, Roger might look like a big hulking tough guy, but he's really a gentle bear who believes in hard work to provide for his extensive family. With his job on the line and so many people depending on him he's desperate to do whatever it takes to keep his position at the metalworks - even if that means submitting to a snotty little rich boy and his filthy friend. Rendered totally exposed and vulnerable to these boys, Roger is shocked to find himself aroused by situation.

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Charley comes to us claiming to have done porn before. But I can’t find him online anywhere. Perhaps his scenes haven’t been published yet. Either way we don’t take these things on faith no matter how good you look in a photo and what story you spin.
Fact is the most important thing is to be able to turn up when you say you will, get naked and get your cock off. Without that they’ll be no work. So we invite Charley in for an audition and here’s what happens.

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Snarling, angry Master Leonardo returns to discover his pathetic worm-like sub waiting for him, completely alone and naked. The Master has an electo shocker which he uses to threaten the sub and guarantee his compliance.

Leonardo orders the sub to pull off his clothes and then pumps his perfect dick deep into the sub's mouth. The runt reams on the dick and this excites the Master. After ordering the sub so sniff his sweaty underpants, the Master opens up his rear and demands that the idiot licks clean his puckered asshole. Screaming at the sub, Leonardo demands that the sub's tongue goes deeply into his asshole, causing him to squirm with sadistic sexual satisfaction.

Finally, the sub has to lie on his back so that the top can sit on his face with more deep rimming - this causes untold pleasure for the Master.

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Top Up Down Bottom