Tuesday, June 14, 2016

BOYNAPPED - Ashton Bradley & Justin Blaber Flogged And Wanked Off!

Ashton arrives prowling around his captive prey and you can tell from the chav boys demeanour this is going to be good. Justin is looking so tempting, naked and hanging there with his hands bound above his head and his long cock just begging to be played with. Ashton wastes little time taking control, roping up the boys balls, tying the ropes to his toes to stretch his nuts down while he flogs the boys naked body. With a metal anal probe up his butt you can tell the twink is getting more turned on, all it takes is some slippery wanking from our dom boy and Justin is spewing cum from his cock!

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BOYNAPPED - Sean Taylor & Chris Jansen Could You Resist That Perfect Twink Arse?

Poor young Chris has been captured and restrained in a new contraption, his perfect young arse thrust out behind him like a tempting target no boy could refuse. Sean definitely can't say no, he soon in here with his trackies bulging as he plays with the boys smooth hole and slaps his cheeks. The conveniently placed candles add to the fun as he pours hot molten wax over the roped down boy, wanks on his cock, tugs his balls and jerks himself off enjoying being in control. It goes without saying this is all leading up to him sliding his big throbbing dick in there, and boy does he own that snug little fuckhole!

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BOYS SMOKING - Kyd Cash Kyd Cash Smoke & Stroke

20 year-old skater thug Kyd fires up his smokes and works on his cock while he chains!

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BOYS PISSING - Brian Strowkes Brian Strowkes Soaks the Bed

Ripped 22 year-old Brian Strowkes makes his video debut soaking the bed in hot piss. He completely hoses down himself, his undies and the bed before working on his thick meaty cock until he unloads his spunk. After get gets off, he pisses in the sheets one more time!

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