Thursday, June 23, 2016

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, Nick would rather be anywhere else than in the school hall in front of all the cameras. Fear of what the headmistress would do if he showed the school up has kept him in place. But the consequences of not checking what Embarrassing Boys was all about will haunt him forever. For Janet however it's completely different - an unexpected chance to get revenge on the boy who broke her heart.

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In the new video at, Pierre is totally at ease being naked around the fully-clothed women. And when he takes a bath, he is quite happy for Aunt Finula to give him a helping hand - just like his mother would do at home. Where he comes from it is also traditional to drain the men's testicles of sperm.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, Carl feels totally justified in roughing up any man who might look at him in a sexual way. He proudly spouts off how he defended his honour even roughing up a prison guard. A specially mixed afternoon tipple will help him relax and clarify the situation in this aggravated boy's mind. He has nightmares about what filthy horrid sexual things men want to do to him but he'll soon realize what it feels like in reality.

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Shane is a mixed martial arts fighter so we weren’t sure whether he’d be up for being fucked. He also has 4 children and is actually straight. However, money talks and he’s been curious to see if he can be fucked by another man for some time. By the looks of this audition he’s been mulling over boy:boy in quite some depth. He takes on the challenge of sucking cock and licking arse with relish. But these are things you can probably do just by mimicking some gay porn. What isn’t so easy is getting Dave’s thick stiff member up your arse. Here he struggles. Will we get the shot’s we need? Does Shane receive a mouthful of Dave’s hot cum as a reward? You will find out only by watching this video.

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The quivering, naked sub is alone and waiting for more extreme mistreatment to be dished out. Chavvy Master Ross enters wearing just Union Flag boxer shorts which he quickly pulls down so that he can ram his big cock deep into the sub's mouth.

The feebleness of the sub excites the psychotic Master who orders him onto all fours so that Ross can ram his rock-hard dick deep into the sub's loose arsehole. The nasty Master pumps viciously into the sub and throws him onto his back so that he can get better access to his hole and cause more damage.

The powerless bottom soon has Master Ross pumping his thick spunky load onto his face and is then ordered to lick clean the top's pulsating bell end and shaft.

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