Friday, June 24, 2016

ActiveDuty - Allen Lucas & Brian Torrez

I have to say, I was a little surprised at the conclusion of this hot 'n' steamy hookup. You'll find out why in a minute. For starters, though, it sure is a breath of fresh air to see our strong, handsome stud, Allen Lucas again! He's come back to us to pound another fresh recruit into Active Duty shape, and this time he's doing some work on sweet Brian Torrez. Wow, Brian doesn't hesitate to give it his all, from the start. He leans over and takes Allen's pulsating dong deep. For what it's worth, Brian is definitely a great cock sucker. He has a nice mouth and works the whole expansive surface area of that hulking thing very thoroughly. All the excitement gets Allen hungry for a taste of Brian's ass, and goodness, it is an amazing rump! Brian's butt is bubbly, tan, incredible. Allen goes face deep, letting his tongue explore the uncharted area. Once he gets that hole properly excited, Allen works to slide his still-throbbing cock into Brian's tight ass. Now this is where things get VERY interesting! Claude show us what that huge, hard dick looks like from underneath as it punishes Brian's tender hole. Allen really lays into him, making sure he knows exactly what kind thing Brian can look forward to if he ends up becoming an actual AD squad member. Allen goes from plowing him from behind, to letting Brian climb atop and ride that stiffy. I enjoy the way Claude shot this. We see how truly soft Brain's ass is, and we get a sense of how Brian works as a cowboy. And the initiation session does not end there. Brian went to his back for Allen's continued lesson.

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NextDoorWorld - The Hard Truth

Killian James has got Tommy Regan right where he wants him, and for Tommy, there's going to be repercussions. Flashback a few days ago where Tommy and his boys were bullying Killian, calling him names and generally having a good time at his expense, but now the tables are turned, as Killian's little plan to abduct and punish Tommy has gone off with only one little hitch: turns out Tommy is actually just acting out to mask his true feelings, and now that Killian has confronted him, Tommy has come clean with his desires. Killian is confused for a second but decides to call Tommy on his bluff, telling him if he's sincere then he won't mind sucking Killian's dick. Tommy gets wide eyed at this prospect, but once Killian's dick is shoved into his face, it's his mouth that gets wide.Downing Killian's cock in a very convincing manner, Tommy's actions certainly seem to back up his claim that he likes dick, and has Killian returns the favor, Tommy's growing hard on confirms any lingering doubt. With his captive rock hard and wondering what comes next, Killian mounts Tommy slowly, sliding his cock inside Tommy's virgin ass as Tommy winces from the size of Killian's dick. Killian picks up the pace steadily, pounding Tommy from behind, from above and from below, as Tommy strokes his cock and spreads his legs, losing his load as Killian fucks the cum out of him, before pulling out and dousing Tommy's chest with his load, a kinky conclusion to a rather convoluted kidnapping.Enjoy!

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MenOver30 - Maintenance Fuckers Part 1

Alessio has been taking the heat from the higher ups about inventory control. Luke hasn't been doing his job to full capacity and now Alessio's job is on the line. Luke isn't sure what he has done but reassures Alessio that he will try harder and he does just that as he gets down on his knees to service Alessio's waiting cock. Luke is sucking that cock like his job depends on it (because it does) and Alessio is taking full advantage of the situation. Luke gets bent over and legs spread so Alessio can spit on his tight hole and get it all lubed up with his mouth. Once his ass is dripping with saliva Alessio shoves his throbbing cock deep inside and begins to fuck Luke. Luke is taking it hard and deep from Alessio and then he rides his cock up and down squeezing his ass to tighten up on Alessio's hard dick. The release is near so Alessio lays him on his back and fucks the cum out of Luke which sends him over the edge so he pulls out and blasts a warm nut all over Luke's hairy chest.

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RagingStallion - Drive Shaft

Beefy Italian stallion Johnny V enters the body shop and walks in on Ricky Decker greasing his crankshaft. Johnny's willing to lend more than a helping hand: in this case, his mouth. He gulps down Ricky's thick tool. Ricky rips off his muscle tank, revealing bulging pecs and nipples. Johnny strips off his jeans, exposing his jockstrapped ass for Ricky's mouth to rim. Ricky gives Johnny's ass a lube injection with an oil can from the shop, and then revs up for a full-throttle fucking. They brace themselves against an all-American muscle car, but these grease monkeys are looking for even bigger thrills. Johnny perches on a monster truck tire, which lifts his ass to the level of Ricky's monster cock for a seriously deep dicking. They shift gears when Ricky sits down in a chair, and Johnny lowers himself down onto Ricky's cock for a joyride. Johnny's huge meat swings through the air as he fucks himself on Ricky's dipstick. The full throttle sex culminates as Johnny shoots his load across the shop floor, and Ricky unloads his cum on Johnny's meaty ass cheeks.

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