Saturday, July 2, 2016

nextdoorraw - My Favorite Stalker

With his cross-country move in full swing, Gabriel Cross is just beginning to settle into his new town, and though it's a far cry from the big city, little by little he's getting used to the relative solitude and small town way of life. While he generally sees the same faces every day, one in particular has stood out- that of a man who looks suspiciously like Gabriel's crazy stalker ex, as crazy as that seems to him. But crazy is the norm with Jonah- always been that way- so when Gabriel is startled by a home invader's voice, he is only somewhat relieved to discover that it is Jonah, who has somehow tracked him down.And while Gabriel knows he's bad news in the long run, he must admit that Jonah is the best sex he ever had, and now that he's face to face with him again, Gabriel realizes he wouldn't mind taking a stroll down memory lane. So when Jonah grabs him by his ass Gabriel relents, falling to his knees and sucking Jonah off. Jonah's cock swells to rock hard as Gabriel gags on his dick, and his desire for Gabriel's sweet ass grows more and more uncontrollable by the moment, so he pushes Gabriel against the bed and begins to get his hole ready, tonguing it as he strokes Gabriel's cock. Jonah is rock hard to fuck and Gabriel is more than willing, so Jonah plunges his cock deep within Gabriel, burying it deep in his ass as he pounds from behind. Gabriel takes it like a champ, and when they switch positions and it's his turn to be on top, Gabriel rides Jonah's dick hard, slamming himself onto Jonah's hard cock as he works his perfect little bubble butt. Jonah fucks the cum right out of his ex as Gabriel bends over to take his load, and Jonah pulls out, blasts Gabriel with his nut, then shoves his dick back inside and continues to fuck him, telling him to just accept that the two of them are meant to be together. Only time will tell if Jonah's wish comes true.Enjoy!

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ActiveDuty - Will

This week our recruit is a light weight coming in at only 130lbs but standing at 5'9 with a nice ripe age of 26. He may be light on his feet but his dick looks pretty heavy. Let's give a warm lubed up hand for Will.Will is really nervous and extremely quiet but his fit toned body and long hard dick make up for all of that. He has a gentle smile as he slowly begins to stroke his dick. He keeps his eyes on the porn we have playing for him but that's fine because he's a new recruit and eventually one of our vets will break him in properly.He likes to pull down on his balls as he yanks up and down on his now hard cock. He's cocked and loaded with each pull. As the time goes on Will keeps building up the pressure in those smooth saggy balls that eventually are going to explode like a loose grenade rolling around on the battlefield.

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IconMale - Gay Massage House 4

Brandon Wilde is a boy who's privileged upbringing has given him everything he's ever wanted. Even though he is engaged to be married, he recently told his therapist about his habit of watching gay porn. To help him work through latent issues, he's been referred to expert masseuse, Billy Santoro. As his muscles are being working on, conversation turns to secrets he's been keeping. Billy is there to help, and Brandon is there to conquer his inner feelings. Billy pulls out all the stops in his sexual journey. Reading him loud and clear, his hands reach under the sheet covering him, and massages his erect cock. Brandon trembles with excitement, his cock jumping in anticipation. Both can feel the pent up erotic tension, and they share a passionate kiss before Billy dives down on the rich boy's cock and sucks it base to tip.Billy flips him over. The attraction is magnetic as his full body presses against Brandon. Billy's tongue plunges deep in between Brandon's bubble ass cheeks. Presenting towards him, Billy wets his hole deeply, before Brandon plunges two fingers in.Taking his turn to service Billy, Brandon takes his time slowly sucking his masseuse's thick rod. As they get down to fucking Brandon is clearly made for it. He pushes his ass against each of Billy's thrusts, urging him for deeper and deeper fucking.As Billy plows him on the massage table he pushes every inch into him. Brandon strokes a thick load out of his cock, shooting his load onto his stomach, before tasting the seed on his hand. Pounding his ass, Billy uses the boy's ass, bringing himself to the edge, before blowing his load onto Brandon's tanned stomach.

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Maskurbate - MSKB Trivia Quiz - Calvin

Calvin is our first contestant on the MSKB Trivia Quiz. The rules are simple: Watch, Guess, Strip & Wank. The model watches a Maskurbate clip, then must answer a question related to this clip. A good answer is worth $100. If the answer is incorrect, the model must take a piece of clothing off. When totally naked, the model must jerkoff and cum, while watching our clips. Not easy for straight guys! Hope you'll enjoy this new Maskurbate series!

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DylanLucas - Daddy's Dominant Demeanor

Damon is in the locker room gym when he notices the new guy Lance. They have some small talk about how fit they look and how they are trying to better themselves. Damon doesn't care much about any of that as he moves right in for the kiss. They start making out and Lance pulls Damon's shorts down to reveal he's wearing a tight white jockstrap. Lance gets on his knees to service his big hard cock. Damon face fucks him until he's ready to rim that smooth sexy ass. He bends him over the bench spreads his ass cheeks and lubes it up with his wet tongue. Damon plays with his ass using his finger pushing it deep inside getting it ready for his fat dick. Once Lance is ready Damon mounts up and pushes his hard throbbing cock balls deep into Lance. He pumps his slow and smooth until Lance wants to ride his shaft. Lance rides it up and down moaning with extreme pleasure and excitement. Damon is over joyed with how tight his ass is so he lays him on his back and fucks him really hard building up his balls full of cum. Just before Damon is about to bust Lance oozes out his cum all over himself and once Damon saw that he pulled out and nuts all over Lance's face. You can see thick drops of cum dripping down his chin as they kiss.


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