Tuesday, July 5, 2016


EricDeman has posted a new video of a horny boy showing off in the shower. He films himself with a big stonking hard on, stroking it and tossing himself off.

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Ruggerbugger have images of Swansea City footballer Rory Donnelly showing off his big dick


Peering through a hole in the wall of this changing room I spotted this handsome guy. He strips off his tight shorts and exposes a completely perfect body, dick and a low-hanging pair of balls. What a fuckable guy this is - I'm just glad he didn't notice me filming him!

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This boy hasn't learnt has he? He gives lip to the warders, tries to ingratiate himself with the older lags, but his biggest crime is that he stinks! The old timers have had words with the prison officers and, much to the delight of some of the pervier prisoners, this boy is being given his first ice cold power "shower". Basically a hosing down with kit normally reserved for cleaning graffiti off walls. Now it's pressed into service squirting shit off teenage tearaways' dirty bumholes!..

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