Wednesday, July 27, 2016

BLAKE MASON - Kayden Gray & Mickey Taylor Mickey Gets A Big Cock In London!

Gorgeous inked Mickey is willing to travel for some real good cock, and they don't get much more worthy than the big uncut dick Kayden has! The two are meeting up on the streets of London, playfully making out in the open before heading back for some privacy. It's a gorgeous scene as the two begin, the lust between them clear for all to see as they swap spit and reveal those solid cocks for each other. Mickey feasts on that big dick and gives his own to Kayden in some great deep sucking, but with a little rimming our inked guys arse is prepared for that length to drive in deep. It's an amazing fuck, standing and then riding, finishing up with Mickey on his back and having his heavy load fucked out of him with deep strokes as muscled Kayden plunges in and out of his arse. The taste of Mickey's load gets Kayden close, wanking himself off and feeding Mickey his hot juice as his semen splashes from his helmet! If you think you know real horny gay s ex then you need to watch these two in action, pick up some pointers and surprise your next fuck with an intense session like this!

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ZACK RANDALL - Jeremy Cox Enjoying His Hairy Virgin Ass!

Handsome straight guy Jeremy is back to try something new and he really seems to enjoy himself! The hairy boy is on the bed and wanking his cock when a toy slips into his virgin hole. We get plenty of up close action as he enjoys that hairy butt and explores new sensations with a vibrator, and as he pumps a big load of cum all over himself we have to wonder how long it's going to be before a dick is sliding in there!

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TOE GASMS - Hunter Stinky Socks & A Cock Stroke

Hunter knows what the guys love to see. He was getting ready to take a shower after taking a run and we followed him in there to get some fun on camera. He shows off his dirty sweaty socks, then shows us his pink and sweaty bare feet too before getting his hairy cock out and enjoying some jerking. This boy really knows how to leave us all wanting more!

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TOE GASMS - Slip & His Slippery Feet

Sexy straight boy Slip is kicking back and getting naked, showing off his gorgeous feet and working his hairy cock up for a jack off. The lube gets him so horny, sliding his wet hands over his feet to make them all shiny for you. Then it's back to his hard dick as he jacks out a hot straight boy cum load!

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