Sunday, August 21, 2016


Boy, we just keep getting so lucky with these handsome fresh recruits, rolling on in to try their hands at something new. Today, that fresh recruit is Jacob and that something new is Ryan Jordan's fat, swollen cock!I really love the juxtaposition of these dudes. Jacob is a big, handsome redhead and Ryan Jordan is a spunky, cute fireplug. They both showed up in military green and Claude chatted with 'em a little to loosen up the atmosphere. Apparently it worked because Jacob was quick to lean over and wrap his lips around Ryan's growing erection. He sure got down to the slurpin' like he was thirstin' for good dick.After a little while on the couch, Ryan goes to his feet and lets Jacob continue to enjoy that hard meat.They head back over to the couch where Ryan goes right into a routine with which he's become quite familiar. By Jacob's reaction to the servicing, I think he's really found something new that he likes very much. What a surprise! After Ryan calms Jacob's nerves a bit with his soothing blowjob skills, Jacob agrees to finally let the real fun begin. Ryan bends him over the couch and slides his hard dick into Jacob's nervous-but-willing ass. Wow, I forgot how nice Ryan's balls look when he fucks. Then slap so nicely against Jacob's taint as some good pounding really breaks Jacob in and the guys move over to the desk where Jacob decides to let Ryan fuck him some more, this time while Jacob is on his back.Even though they set down a pillow, the desk situation becomes a little uncomfortable, so they move to the floor where Ryan shows Jacob the pile-driver technique. Finally, the boys end up back on the couch, where we see Ryan bang a healthy load out of Jacob for an awesome grand finale. Cheers, troops, I think we've hooked another fine solder for our sweet little outfit!

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It's too windy to be outdoors, so JJ Knight relaxes on the couch, passing time by surfing the web. Ryan Rose sits down next to him and closes the laptop: he knows a better way to kill time. He leans in for a kiss. Their tall, muscular bodies intertwine in a passionate embrace. Ryan rips off his shirt, and JJ does the same. Sliding off JJ's shorts, Ryan pulls out JJ's throbbing boner and slicks it up with spit. Now fully naked, they 69 on the couch, sucking on each other's huge cocks. Ryan puts his ass in JJ's face, and JJ eagerly rims Ryan's perfect hole. Rimming Ryan makes JJ's massive cock throb with anticipation. Sitting down on JJ's cock, Ryan rides the monster meat, sliding his stretched hole up and down JJ's girthy shaft. Switching it up, JJ bends over and takes Ryan's incredible tool doggy style. JJ's eyes close as he takes Ryan's powerful ramming. With these two competitive studs together, it's a contest to see who can fuck faster, harder, deeper. They flip flop once more, allowing JJ the chance to penetrate Ryan's meaty ass once again. Ryan's firm, rounded haunches ripple as JJ thrusts faster and harder. Pulling out, JJ shoots a massive load of white spunk directly on Ryan's wet hole. Rolling over, Ryan strokes himself and blasts JJ in the face with his hot cum.

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Osiris has never met with Geoff before but they have no place to hookup. They found each other online and Geoff gave him an address to meet up at. Once Osiris arrives at the address he calls his friend just to let him know where he is at because he arrived at a sketchy dirty warehouse. He hangs up on the phone and moments after Geoff comes walking in and Osiris who is a little worried has to ask him why this place of all places. Geoff chose this place because his friend owns the warehouse and neither of them had a place to fuck so once Osiris hears his explanation they get down to business. Geoff pulls out Osiris's long fat dick and Geoff can't believe how beautifully big this cock is. He takes care of every inch with his tongue licking the shaft from the base of the balls to the tip of the cock back and forth as well as deep throating it. Osiris is hard as a rock and extremely turned on. Geoff's dick needs some attention too so Osiris repays the favor and his eye light up once he sees how big Geoff's dick is. Lots of dick in this warehouse and two sweet asses that will get plowed with them sexy cocks. Geoff wants to fuck that bubble ass first so he puts a condom on and slowly pushes into the tight smooth ass pushing as his cock pulsates into Osiris. It's so tight Geoff can't pump fast enough and has to fuck him slowly in and out from behind. You can see Osiris's big hard cock flopping around as he is being fucked. Just about to cum Geoff pulls out and wants to feel Osiris's big dick inside of him when he does release his load. Osiris fucks him on the tire with slow long stokes which Geoff can see every inch going deep inside of him. He's watching that dick and finally his ass tightens and he shoots his load all over the place leaving Osiris to do the same but he fucks Geoff's face and leaves him with a mouthful.

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Tattooed Bruno Bernal lifts his chin to kiss towering Myles Landon. A light dusting of hair stretches across Bruno's bulging pecs, and his abs ripple as he kneels. Myles is a smooth, muscled bodybuilder; his nips are erect and his massive cock twitches with anticipation. Long tendrils of spit form as Bruno gives Myles a slobbering, slurping blowjob. Myles uses a hand on the back of Bruno's neck to guide his throat down on that massive dick. Taking charge of Bruno's ass, Myles spreads Bruno's cheeks and lubes up Bruno's hole with a rim job. Bruno sits down on Myles' enormous monster cock, struggling to accommodate the girth, but finally sliding it all the way in. With Bruno's cock bouncing, Myles pummels Bruno's ass with all his might. Lying on his side, Bruno raises a leg up in the air and Myles pushes his cock into Bruno's stretched hole missionary style. Sinking to his knees once again, Bruno orally services Myles' cock while stroking his own meat. Myles blasts his cum in Bruno's face, and Bruno sprays his load on Myles' dick.

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