Saturday, September 17, 2016

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, the success of CFNM4Girls is down to one woman - self styled "editrix" Kate Stone. The tough and determined businesswoman knows just what her readers want - and how to give it to them. She uses her influence and power to get male celebrities to agree to appear naked in her magazine. She arrives at the publisher's offices ready to start work on the second issue when the tea boy enters wearing far too much for her taste.

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In the new video at, Julie and Maggie are desperate to get closer to Mr Douglas. Julie in particular wants to know if reality lives up to her fantasies of him. In the silent school with no other teachers present, perhaps she'll get her opportunity.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, the pervy Headmaster can't help himself eyeing up the boys under his command. All those muscular young bodies in tight school uniforms or P.E. outfits. Cum-stained pants and dirty jockstraps. Hidden erections straining under their pants during class while they fantasize about their girlfriends. The air of St Dunstan's is heavy with the scent of testosterone and newly developed sweaty boys. It's enough to make any man's balls fit to bursting.

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I found you a real diamond in the rough. Lance is a tough hetero man who works hard all day lifting heavy goods. He unwinds by boxing at his local gym or looks to get laid at his local. Failing that there’s late night sessions on webcam showing off his cock to strangers. He’s a sexy straight hunk we’d never get access to in the real world but here his taut muscular body is examined in close detail presenting his purple-headed cock, tight round arse and jerking off on command. He’s led through each stage like an animal struck-dumb by the headlights, barely realizing how I’m getting off on his stripped down slutty exposure before he’s ushered to the door and assured he’ll be called if any work becomes available.

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Handsome Master Lionel makes a welcome return to continue his vicious mistreatment of this pathetic sub. The top dominates the runt by lashing a dog collar to his neck and pulling him around.

All the while threatening him with a severe beating using his mean belt. The naked sub has to swallow Lionel's spit before licking his boots and having his own dick harshly trampled on.

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Cocky young Craig thinks because he's kitted out in a cheap suit and works pulling in punters to a gentlemen's club he's a proper lad. He tries to lure us into his sleaze hole but we're more interested in what he's packing in his pants. We want the goods that this fucker thinks he's too much of a big man to offer. We're going to turn him into a real slut like the sluts who slide up and down the poles of his club. We stuff him into our car boot and take him into our lair where he's bound and gagged.

Now he's in a very precarious position tied up and grunting like a pig. A rope attached to a weight is lassoed around his neck so the sorry fucker can barely move while we strip him down pervily groping him all over. Sliding his tighty whities to the side his big luscious cock and balls flops out. Those pants are wedged up tight to slide against his virgin arsehole. His tight hairy arse cheeks are lashed while his large floppy cock is tugged till his penis is throbbing. Craig is locked into place with an anal hook slid up his rectum making him terrified to move even though we've got his big cock in hand.

There may be rules about no touching in the clubs Craig draws punters into. But here we can grope and use his body however we please. Those cock and balls are leashed while Dave flogs him relentlessly. He may have dismissed us as just a couple of queers but we're going to make him work for our attention. Now he's made to feel the hell of total and absolute subjugation.

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