Sunday, September 18, 2016

BOYNAPPED - Sean Taylor & Chris Jansen Pissed On Twink Gets Fucked Deep!

There's seemingly no end to the torment for sweet young Chris! The naked twink has been tied up to an abandoned tanker out in the middle of nowhere with the sun beating down on his gorgeous naked arse, and here comes Sean to make good use of it! The lad asserts his dominance using some flogging, note the appropriate use of local flora! Climbing up to get a better perspective Sean can't resist getting his cock out and pissing all over the boy, his stream flooding out of his foreskin to drench the young man. With his dick now throbbing and needing release he slides his lubed cock deep into the twinks perfect hole, fucking him hard and soon taking him to climax, pulling out to decorate the boys sore cheeks with his hot cream! Left trembling and aching Chris can do nothing but wait for his next session of punishment.

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BOYNAPPED - Ashton Bradley & Liam Burlington A Painful Welcome For Liam

Ashton is on the prowl again, and he has a delicious new treat waiting for him in the form of sexy young Liam! This handsome and hung British boy has a big hairy dick just begging to be sucked and wanked, and of course Ashton is more than willing to oblige, while he gets a little freaky with the pegs! He explores the boy, spanking his rump and pegging his torso, moving down to his big balls. Sucking him off he gets the lad hard and dripping precum, but the pleasure is soon discomfort as the pegs start to pinch his nut sack! The pain isn't enough to stop him from cumming when Ashton really gets to work wanking that wet cock, making his new plaything spurt fresh cum from his helmet. A final taste of the new boy jizz has Ashton satisfied with his work, so he leaves the spent boy hanging while he goes to enjoy a wank!

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BOYS SMOKING - Jerry & Timmy Smoke Suck

Euro twink Timmy flirts with bartender Jerry over a cigarette break and before long Jerry has Timmy's big uncut dick down his throat right on top of the bar while they both chainsmoke! After a nice long smoky blowjob, Jerry gets his horny cock sucked while he chains too!

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