Monday, September 19, 2016

ZACK RANDALL - Jizzy McBone Jizzy Lives Up To His Name

He's so handsome and so fit too, looking hotter than he ever has before. Jizzy is back to deliver another horny solo session for his most adoring fans (which is every one of us), stroking his hard jock cock and even showing off his hairy ass too. We get a great performance in his bedroom as he wanks his dick and squirts a hot load of milky cum up his abs!

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TOE GASMS - Cooper Reeves & Mathias Sterling Naked Boys Settle The Score

This is my kind of roughhousing! Mathias causes trouble for a snoozing Cooper but the boy won't give up his bed or his sleep! Soon both are naked as they battle, wrestling all over the bed, tickling each other and grappling, their cocks flopping around and their sexy butts up in the air. Naked feet are fair game for some tickle torture, but not even that will make Cooper submit!

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TASTY TWINK - Maxim & Artem Pumping Cum In His Ass!

Bareback lovers Artem and Maxim love to fuck their cum loads into each other, we know this from some of their other awesome home videos. We're joining them for another round of cum pumping action in the bathroom as the boys swap their hard dicks, rim some hole and share some toy play too, but the real highlight is seeing Artem thrusting his solid length into his lovers ass and making him spurt his load out into the tub before pumping his own hot milk into the boys guts! It's so hot seeing Artem's dick throbbing as his cum gushes right into Maxim's chute!

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