Friday, September 30, 2016

TOE GASMS - Kyd Bad Boy Kyd Strokes One Out

Kyd is always in trouble, but we like having him here because it means he's not out causing mischief. He also happens to be real hot, horny and always ready to shoot a load out. He's enjoying himself and showing off for us in this solo, flexing his naked toes and jacking his cock, showing off his pink bare soles and beating his meat to a nice hot load that ends up splashed over his thigh!

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TOE GASMS - Andy Kay Big Feet & A Big Dick Too

Fit young Andy has it all. He's a very horny young gay lad with big sexy feet and a big cock to play with too in this photo shoot! The boy slips off his sneakers and socks, stripping down and showing us everything as we get some close up shots of his gorgeous naked feet. With his cock in his hand he pleasures himself until his load us pumping out, dripping from his heel!

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Devin Reynolds Cum Play With Uncut Jerker Devin

Devin has become a pretty daring and playful guy when it comes to performing, that's why we love making videos with him. His big hairy uncut cock gets a good clean as we join him in the shower, but once we're back on the couch it's soon thickening up and demanding a stroke. He gets to work on his meat, jerking himself off and showing us that hairy taint and ass as his balls bounce. When the cum is finally ready to pump he gets playful with it too! He's come a long way since his first nervous stroke show.

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Lex Lane & Daniel Delong Jerking Off With Horny Straight Boys

Lex is the kind of boy who just doesn't give a fuck these days, he'll get his cock out and stroke a load from his dick whenever and wherever he wants. He's hanging out with new boy Lex and the guys waste little time getting their cocks out. A few little glances to compare and the thugs are jerking on their dicks, showing off and enjoying themselves, working up their loads while their heavy balls swing and bounce. Daniel is the first to reach the end, pumping a hot thick load from his cock, which seems to get jock boy Lex in the mood to squirt his cum out over his abs too. Don't you just love seeing a couple of horny straight thugs taking care of business?

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