Sunday, October 9, 2016

BOYNAPPED - Sean Taylor & Chris Jansen Owning Sweet Cock Slut Chris

We all know Sean can be a mean fucker, especially when it comes to using a boys mouth. Sweet young twink Chris has been bound up to a pole and left naked, of course Sean can't resist using the boys mouth for a thorough sucking! The twink gets some real punishment from the horny lad as he whips him with the flogger, rams his hard wet cock into his face and even uses a cheek retractor to piss in the boys mouth before feeding him his hot cum load! Poor Chris is left dripping and used by the end of it all, but we all know he really loved it.

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BOYNAPPED - Sean Taylor & Billy Rock Cum Draining Flogging Session

Billy is in trouble. The fit young man has been stripped naked but for a sack over his head, bound up and hoisted in a sack to wait for one of the lads to come and use. Lucky Sean is the one to find him, starting off with some flogging of the bound up boy before he lets him down to really get to work. Feeding the lad his big uncut cock he oozes precum into Billy's mouth, but he wants some dick too. Lifted up to s standing position, naked and hard, bound by ropes and chains, our submissive young twunk is flogged some more, wanked off, sucked and finally made to erupt his hot cum in a spurting climax that soon has Sean pumping his own load out over the lads dick!

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BOYS SMOKING - Blake Stone Smoke & Stroke

Blake Stone lights up his Camel Crush in bed for a chain-smoking smoke and stroke. Blake works on his cock and plays with his ass until he shoots his load.

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BOYS PISSING - JD Phoenix Sucks The Piss From His Underwear

JD Phoenix is one our favorite piss boys at Pissing-Boys and with very good reason. This lad is SO cute, has a big cock that gets rock hard and he loves playing with his piss. Going so far as to suck the piss from his drenched briefs even! The expressions of sheer lust in JD's gorgeous eyes as he cums and soils himself with his piss are fantastic!

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