Monday, October 10, 2016

STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Blinx & Devin Reynolds Inked Blinx Gets Inked Some More

We've all got that friend we know will mess with us if we pass out in their presence. Devin is one of those guys, but to be fair so is Blinx! Our inked straight boy has been out for the count on the couch for a while, and Devin can't waste the opportunity to have some fun with his buddy. He starts off adding to the tattoos all over Blinx with some scribbles of his own, but soon enough he's wiggling his bare ass and his floppy cock in his friends face, pulling down his those pants and decorating Blinx's dick. Roused and now horny Blinx doesn't give a fuck about finding his buddy jerking off, he's quickly joining in as the two stroke their dicks and splash their cum out together! This is what it's like hanging out with straight boys.

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Nolan Hung Athlete Nolan Gets A Load Out

Nolan is looking damn fine in his sexy shorts, giving us a peek of his big throbbing cock. He's been horny all day long, now he finally has the chance to get his hands around that massive dick and jerk out his heavy load. Watch as he strips at the top of the ladder, teasing us with his big throbbing straight guy boner, jerking himself off and giving us an amazing show from below as he pumps his thick cream from his dick!

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JOE SCHMOE VIDEOS - Squirell Jerking Down By The River

Fit daddy dude Squirell takes us down to the river, a place most people probably wouldn't go. We find a spot away from the tents and potentially nosy folks and our horny friend gets naked, kicking back on a rock and rubbing his cock, stroking his hairy meat until his cum is ready to pump out into his hand. It's definitely not out usual kind of setting, but an interesting one!

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BOY FEAST - Cole Duchovny Lifeguard Dick Stroking!

Cole has been hard and horny all day by the pool, checking out the guys in their tight little swimming trunks. Now it's time to take care of business as he finds some privacy and gets his juicy uncut cock out. The slim and smooth young man grabs his meat and jerks it hard, playing with his balls and his taint as he rubs his meat and gets his hot cum pumping from his helmet! Little does he know most of those guys are the pool were hard and jerking it thinking about their favorite lifeguard too!

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