Saturday, November 5, 2016

TOE GASMS - Hoyt Jaeger Horny Hoyt Cums On His Feet!

Hoyt was feeling particularly horny, wanting to show off his naked feet and play with his cock too. We were more than happy to shoot some pics! We went out in the garden and he put on quite a show, showing off his sexy white socks, then his bare naked feet, perfect for licking and sucking. Then that dick was out and he was totally distracted and enjoying his own boner, stroking his cock and splashing his load out over his naked foot!

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TOE GASMS - Evan Heinze Clowning Around With Evan

Lets hope this isn't some kind of new fashion craze sweeping the nation! Evan is looking quite unique in his rather bizarre clown outfit, with his giant platform shoes, cartoon hands and a pacifier in his mouth, but we're soon focusing on more important things as he shows off his filthy socks and then his naked big feet. We head into his bedroom where more of his odd clothing is removed until his cock is out and being stroked, ready to pump out a hot load of cream!

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