Saturday, November 19, 2016

STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Devin Reynolds & Drift The First One Up Gets Sucked!

We love a good challenge, and it seems Devin and Drift do too! It's a contest to see who can get their cock hard first with the winner getting sucked by his buddy. It's probably not fair, considering we all know Devin's uncut meat is usually hard all the damn time. Poor Drift is inevitably gonna be the one sucking some dick, but he's surprisingly good at it and seems to enjoy feasting on that big cock! Just check out that cum-splashed grin on his face at the end, looks like Drift enjoyed it as much as Devin!

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Emptying His Uncut Thug Dick

T was hooking up with a girl he's been dating for a while and he needed to make a little extra cash. We're always ready to help out our boys, especially when they have a big cock to stroke for us! T gets his big uncut dick out for a shoot and delivers what we love to see; a straight thug boy taking care of his dick the right way and putting on a sexy show for us!

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Daniel Delong Emptying His Big Hairy Dick

Straight guy Daniel has been holding his cum back for a couple of days now, guaranteeing us a good show. He gets down to some great teasing, giving us some up-shorts action as he plays with his big dick and gets himself throbbing. With his clothes off and his big cock throbbing in his fist the horny jerker delivers not one but two hot loads!

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