Thursday, November 24, 2016


This is Brad Powers and he's a stone cold STUD! I think he'll make a quick home for himself among our growing roster, and make some great, lifelong friends during here journey here at AD. Once he's off and running, Brad strips down to a nice, tight pair of black boxer briefs. I like that choice for Brad, as they seem to fit his style and persona quite well. Before he unsheathes his python, Brad takes some time to rub his snake while it's still caged. When Brad does quit teasin' us and finally shows us that cock of his, WOW, what payoff! He is hung just like we like 'em. While Brad enjoys his fully erect dick on the nice, cushioned jerk seat, Claude gets low and close to show us a tight view of that greasy cock getting rubbed and tugged. Then we get Brad standing up for a change, with Clade moving underneath for a upward view. Here we see Brad's tight balls, thick cock, and handsome face, all wrapped up in a sweet package! Claude moves over the top to show us what Brad sees. Take a look at that shapely dick! Brad is chiseled from stone and (hopefully) ready to bone. I just can't wait to see that hard cock slippin' into one of our other recruits.

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NEXTDOORWORLD - Next Door Homemade: Izaak & Blake

That insatiable devil Blake has done it again! He sent us a fresh, homemade tape of himself getting drilled by a dude named Izaack he's known from his hometown.Blake pulled off some impressive stuff before, getting his totally straight coworker, John, to not only fuck him on camera, but then convincing John to make a video of himself jerking off. My goodness, this time he's outdone himself. Izaack is fucking hot!! He looks like a construction worker you'd run into down at the local watering hole. Izaack is tattooed and built like a football player. It appears in the beginning of the video that Blake reminds Izaack that he had told him before about the recording he made of himself and John, but he doesn't mention that he sent anything to us. He makes it sound as if the video was for his own private use. Izaack seems very happy to costar in this next little production...and we're glad he does! Watch our sneaky, cock-hungry friend Blake get absolutely pounded by this big, sexy dude. Enjoy!

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Closeted daddy Adam Russo is in love with bad boy escort Roman Todd, and sneaks off to meet the tough talking stud for a good hard fuck. Watch hairy daddy Adam take it long and deep and shoot his hot load in an earth shattering orgasm.

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MASKURBATE - Spin The Wheel Zack! - Part Two

Zack is more than willing to perform every dare written on the Wheel. In part one we did some muscle worship, nipple play, pumping, handjob, he tried a new toy... In part two, we're pushing the limits. Will Zack play the game until the end? Who is that Nathasha that he gets to fuck? Don't miss the end of this first episode of Spin the Wheel on Maskurbate!

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