Monday, November 28, 2016

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, sporty Evan isn't terribly bright and cannot figure out how he's ended up in this situation. He knows he never flashed his willy at either girl - yet Ms Robenshaw seems to think he has. Nicole and Ashley have easily outwitted him and now intend to inflict a painful lesson that he'll never forget!

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In the new video at, a rather unusual lesson is taking place at the classroom at St Dunstan's school. No studying badly drawn diagrams in dusty old textbooks here! Temporary teacher Julie has got herself a naked boy to work with. And the best way to teach the class about erogenous zones is with practical demonstrations.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, both teacher and student are splayed out naked between the men who greedily grope and wank them. All that pent up sexual frustration the Headmaster has felt when walking through the corridors and locker room filled with sexy young lads has come flooding out. Now they're going to make these two get closer than they ever imagined. If only the other students and staff knew what absolute debauchery was taking place in the Headmaster's office!

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Big butch Sam is a natural top into every kind of filth and kink you can imagine. With his shaved head, tattooed body, big angry cock and mean stare he could spend all day and night fucking a slutty sub. His idea of heaven is a dark steamy room filled with men gangbanging and the rich masculine aromas of sweat and arse. He has a lot of experience, confidence and the insatiable sex drive to perform at a moment’s notice. Notice how he continuously looks down into the camera lens during the physical as if intent on seeking out his next horny slave.


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Boyish, psychotic Master Aiden appears to continue his vicious mistreatment of this feeble sub. The snivelling runt cowers under the Master as he thrashes him with a belt, writes on his forehead and dick and then rams his dick deep into his mouth.

The runt is ordered to open up his arsehole and push a huge dildo deep up his rear as the Master sneers with contempt at how powerless he has made his weak captive.

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