Friday, December 2, 2016

TOE GASMS - Blinx Blinx Has Perfectly Pink Feet

Sexy young Blinx was staying over for the weekend and we were getting a lot of great shoots with the boy. Mornings were the best, with him waking up and needing a shower and a cock stroke. Check out this sexy foot show as the straight boy gets his hairy dick out and shows off his perfectly smooth and pink feet, jerking on his dick and making a creamy mess over his heel!

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TOE GASMS - Boomer Jacoby & Riley Wiggins Barefoot Boys Go All The Way

Friends Boomer and Riley love to have some sexy foot fun together, but it gets a lot more horny than that for these two. Boomer might be straight but he doesn't mind playing with his friend, getting his toes sucked, feeding Riley his uncut cock, using the boys feet to stroke himself and then plunging his cock into the boys tight hole! Needless to say the boys soon have cum shots to share, and of course with a little more foot jerking and cock stroking their loads are soon splashing out over their feet, with a little licking to finish!

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - James Stafford Straight James In A Jack Off Debut

James called up out of the blue telling us one his buddies had jerked off for us before and he wanted to make some money. When he sent us a pic of himself with his cock out we had him in for a cum shooting session the next day. He's real into it, enjoying some pussy porn and tugging on his cock until it's hard, then pumping out a hot thick load of cum for the guys. We know you're all gonna want more of him, we do too!

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Samuel Phatom His Fat Cock In A Fleshlight

Want to see how a straight boy spends his free time? As if you needed to be told what a guy like Samuel gets up to. He's enjoying some porn on his phone and getting his fat cock thickening up, rubbing the pussy lips of a fleshlight along his meat and then stuffing it with his length, jacking himself off until he can't take the pleasure any more and spews his hot thick cum out of his swollen helmet! He really enjoys that toy, we don't blame him.

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JOE SCHMOE VIDEOS - James Big Black Guy James Gets Blown

James is a real cool and calm guy, real horny too. He's straight but curious, something that seems to be pretty popular these days. He had some experiences with guys in the past and he seems real eager to repeat those and enjoy his big black dick with dudes some more. He shows off his big dick and gets his meat sucked, jerking out a big load. He obviously needed that!

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