Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sean Cody - Nixon and Joey

Nixon is at it again…this time, with muscle bottom, Joey!
These two muscle gods made us all weak in the knees watching them wash the car outside. Soap, water and a couple of wet, white t-shirts…these are the things dreams are made of, especially with bodies like these behind the shirts!
As the boys were getting all nice and wet, Joey admitted to something,
“This is kinda turning me on right now!”
Nixon continued to wet him, exposing the abs and chest behind the t-shirt, until the shirts finally came off and the rest of the playing was brought back inside the house for some more privacy.

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Sean Cody - Garrett


Garrett is a hottie. He very clearly takes care of his body and likes trying new things, so he came to the right place here at Sean Cody.
He started to tell us what he likes, “I like to work out, obviously.”
We stopped him, “Why do you say ‘obviously’?”
It didn’t take long for him to show off his abs. Hard work pays off…especially when it shows on a full length mirror after a good rub out!

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Sean Cody - Brysen and Lane

Brysen liked his first experience here so much that he wanted to come back, and he brought a wish list of who he’d like to be paired up with…so we gave him what he wanted…Lane!

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Sean Cody - Parker and Randy

Guess who’s back and excited to fuck some more Sean Cody ass! That’s right, the adorable Parker. The willing bottom? That’ll be Randy.
“I’m gonna go meet up with Randy in a little bit and fuck the shit out of him! I’m excited about that. He’s a big dude, but I’m gonna be the dominant one…”
Oh, and that he was!
After throwing a football around to warm up for the real thing, they went back to the house to get to business. Big-dicked Randy took it like a champ, moans and groans and all!
Parker definitely missed us…

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