Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sean Cody - Arnie

Buff hunk Arnie came to us to step outside of his everyday life,
“I guess I was tired of the average corporate business life. Looking for something exciting and new…step out of the bounds a bit!”
“You stepped pretty far outside the bounds!”
Arnie agreed, “Yeah, that’s true…but these bounds are a little bit more fun, if you know what I mean.”
He laughed.
You can tell from his huge muscles that he has a love for bodybuilding and weightlifting. Seeing those arm and peck muscles contracting while he rubbed one out was definitely something we weren’t complaining about!

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Sean Cody - Parker & Shaw

A pitcher, a catcher, wood and a couple of balls…no, we’re not talking about baseball, although, hotties Parker and Shaw played some ball before getting down and dirty.
“I’m pretty good with the balls, he might be better with the wood, we’ll see what happens…no puns intended! Get your mind out of the gutter! We’re playing baseball!” Shaw laughed.
Of course, Shaw.
He surprises us every time he comes back with how much he likes taking dick, and Parker really gave him a run for his money.

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Sean Cody - Nicky & Graham

Hot newcomer Nicky is back to pound some ass, and Graham is offering his own tight hole for the taking!
We asked Graham if Nicky was his type,
“I don’t really have a type as of late, I’ve just been kinda going with it.”
But knowing what has been said about Nicky, he quickly became a person of interest,
“Yes, oh yeah. Especially if the rumors about him are true…”
“What are the rumors?”
Graham whispered enthusiastically, “He’s got a big dick…big! That’s my type actually…it just gotta be big!”
Well, not only did he get the big dick he wanted up his hole, but he also got a face and mouth full of Nicky’s hot load! Some people just always get what they want…

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Sean Cody - Cassian

Cassian didn’t hesitate for one second when we asked him what he likes and what turns him on,
“Getting fucked.”
A short, but very sweet answer.
Before getting down to business, he built up a sweat kicking around a soccer ball and showing us his moves, but we were excited to see what he could show us back at the house.
Watching him finger his hole while stroking his uncut dick and eating his own cum was something else…this sexy latino is definitely a keeper!

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