Friday, December 23, 2016

TOE GASMS - Blinx Laundry Day For Horny Barefoot Blinx

It's laundry day and straight skater boy Blinx has been left with nothing at all to wear. That's good for us, we get to enjoy the big naked feet of the sexy young man as he gets a little horny and grabs his cock for some jerking. Check him out showing off for the boys and enjoying a nice long cock stroke, splashing his cum out while he teases us with his naked feet and toes!

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Kenneth Slayer Straight Thug Kenneth Cums Over Us

Straight thug Kenneth has been nursing a boner all day, finally he's getting to rub that load out of his cock in a horny session, and he's sharing it with us too! Find out what it might be like to have this straight thug towering over you while he strokes his hard meat, squirting his cum out and splashing you with his load as you beat off and deliver your own! You know, he might do it for you if you're willing to pay enough!

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JOE SCHMOE VIDEOS - Tony A Curious Guy With A Great Cock

Tony is a handsome straight but curious guy with a little experience of sharing his dick with dudes when he was younger. We guess he's one of those guys who shared some jerking and sucking back in the day. Now he's looking for a little more action, getting his big cock out and playing with his hole too, even getting his meat sucked for him! He's a natural show off and has a great time jerking that load out!

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BLAKE MASON - Billy Rock & Felix Chase A Sensual Encounter For Felix & Billy

It's been a little while since we last saw horny and fit young man Billy, but we brought him back for a great pairing with new guy Felix. The handsome and lean duo were so eager to get sucking on those dicks after all that kissing, and with their cocks leaking precum we knew the fucking would be great. For his first time sharing his dick on video, big-balled Felix really delivers, getting his horny friend into some great positions as he slides his cock in and out of him, finishing up with a double cum facial as Billy hangs over the edge of the bed! We might have to team these guys up for a second helping after this!

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